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Grande and Pierce betting on their schools to come through

KWAPT (@KWAPT) March 17, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off

Rhett-bu-mascot-posing Grande

Last night on the way home from the game, we were listening to Grande & Max on WEEI. They had Paul Pierce on the air doing a quick postgame interview. Grande brought-up the fact that he and Paul's alma maters, B.U. and Kansas, would be going head-to-head on Friday. Trash-talk ensued, and then they put their "money" where their mouth's are.

Pierce said: "what's B.U.'s mascot? an Eagle..?" Grande quickly replied that of course it was a Terrier. Pierce then said that he would dress up in the full Terrier mascot costume if Kansas lost to B.U. Grande agreed that if BU lost, he would wear a Kansas hat for a complete broadcast of an upcoming C's game. Grande actually uppped the ante this morning when he tweeted that he'd also volunteer his services for one full day to Paul's "Truth on Health" initiative as well.

Now I can't lie-I'm not a huge NCAA guy. But you better believe I'll be rooting for B.U. to beat Kansas on Friday night. You don't get too many chances to see the Captain in a dog costume. Do stay tuned…..

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