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Doc vetoed a Perk trade, refutes any Rondo injury talk

Couple of items out there today.  

First… in a story about Perk getting past the trade, we found out Doc had vetoed a Perk trade:

"I was pretty surprised,'' Perkins told via telephone. "I had no idea. I talked to Doc [Rivers] and he said he wasn't pushing it, that he was trying to stop it."

Rivers said he did stop it. That was Perkins Deal No. 1, according to the coach.

"At the time I talked to him, it was a different deal and I did put a stop to that one. But I also told him that something might still happen,'' Rivers said.

Which means there was another trade on the table for Kendrick Perkins.  I wonder if it had anything to do with this deal that Golden State's owner talked about a couple weeks ago:

We agreed to do a deal with Boston, where they were going to give us Nate and a first-round pick for Brandan Wright, and they were going to flip Brandan Wright into another deal. I agreed to it, for sure. But they pulled it back, and they obviously went and did the Oklahoma City deal (in which center Kendrick Perkins and Robinson were sent to Oklahoma City in exchange for Nenad Krstic, Jeff Green, a 2012 first-round pick and cash).

Maybe it doesn't… and it obviously doesn't matter now.  But it's a bit of an insight into the inner workings of this team.  If you're interested in seeing Perk's reaction to the trade on the night it happened, check it out in the latest episode of "The Association".

Also, after Kevin Garnett's comments that Rondo was playing hurt… Doc went on WEEI and refuted that claim.  

"No, he's fine, nothing's wrong," said Rivers. "He hasn't been playing well. He's starting to play well. He played pretty well [versus Indiana]. I thought he did the things he needed to do. You go through that. It just happens during the season. 

"He's going to work himself out of it, but you've just got to do it. I always tell him, 'No one's going to feel sorry for any of us.' It's just something you go through and you have to work yourself through it." 

Asked if Garnett was wrong for saying that Rondo was not healthy, Rivers said, "Yeah, he is."

Hmmm… is KG telling the truth or covering for his boy?  Is Doc telling the truth or lying so teams don't hear KG and attack Rondo knowing he's not 100%?  

I'm going to lean towards KG telling the truth and Doc doesn't want to give up too many state secrets. 

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  • Two kinds of hurting….physical, and emotional. KG may have been alluding to Rondo being down in the dumps (but not wanting to get that specific), Doc might be referriing to physical hurting.

  • If Rondo’s still mooning about the trade, then he’s no better than these incessant Internet threads whining about a deal that CLEARLY has been advantageous to the Celtics. He makes $10 mil a year. Grow the hell up. I swear to God that some people aren’t serious about winning a title. They’re just channeling Linus Van Pelt, toting around a blanket – and posting every damn day on the Internet about it.
    Jesus. If we have a ceremony burying Perkins’ jersey – an Irish wake if you will – can we move the hell on? Please.
    I hope, in a perverse way, he’s got a nagging injury. Because if he’s still blabbering on like your garden-variety Celtics blogger about Perkins, we’ve got some serious issues that can derail a title.
    Bottom line: His play has been lousy recently.

  • DRJ

    Doc must be telling the truth. Reason: if Rondo were hurt, there is NO WAY Doc would let him play, especially now that there are TWO competent backup PGs. We’re talking about regular season games, pre-playoffs. No way. Doc must be telling the truth, as he knows it.

  • JD

    I have a feeling Rondo is feeling a little sore- and I wouldn’t call Carlos Arryo a competent backup, he shoots worse than Rondo at times. The reason I say this is because Rondo looks hurt- there’s no explosiveness, no speed, and no aggressiveness a lot of the time. We’re used to seeing Rondo play at a speed above everyone else; right now, he looks about as athletic as Luke Ridnour.