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Big Muggs rock the Garden

My boy John and his pals, founders of Big Muggs, have just gotten bigger & bigger as the season goes on. First, the guys and their masks were shown up on the Jumbotron at the Garden-and the fans loved it. Then they took it to the next step and put together an official website. Not shortly after that, I featured them here on Fan Friday #3.

Well tonight was by far the coolest thing yet. As part of CSNNE's "Mike and Tommy Night", the BigMugg crew got some face time during the pregame show. John and his friends' masks have brought alot of excitement, laughs and good times to the Garden this year. I wish them all the success in the world going forward. You can have your own mask made (of anyone-doesn't have to be a Celtic) at

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  • Could not get into BigMuggs website due to it having a virus. They really need to check their site…

  • Here’s the correct link:

  • Ahh, alright, THAT works. haha.
    You should definitely get a hold of one of the RedsArmy folks to change the links asap.

  • The link in the posting is correct now-thx for the head’s up BigMugg.

  • The site’s fine-I posted the incorrect link. My apologies.