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Your Morning Dump… Where Delonte won’t be 100% this season

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"I'm not a 100 percent," West said. "But I'm able to play and perform so I'm looking forward to it.

"I don't think I'm gonna be 100 percent at all this year," he added. "I've been told that the wrist is gonna take another six months to recover, still don't have rotation. The ankle is a little sore, but no more sore than any other player is playing with right now."

West, who has played in just eight games this season, explained that his mental toughness has helped him during his rehab and will continue to push him as he plays through pain. 

"I'm strong here," West said, pointing to his head. "Where the mind go, the body gonna follow."

CSNNE: Delonte: I won't be 100% this season

I'll take what we can get from Delonte.  Bottom line is he bring so much stability to the second unit that we really need him out there.  You can even put him out there with Arroyo and let him sort of teach Arroyo the system on the fly…. although Arroyo is picking things up fairly quickly it seems. 

I do want Delonte to be careful though.  The guy is a magnet for injuries right now.  If he goes to the floor at all, I'm going to be watching closely to see if he gets up.  Even if he slightly trips… I want to make sure he's ok before continuing.  And after the game, I want him wrapped in bubble wrap before he is sent anywhere.  Take no chances.

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On Page 2:  Are you ready for Coach Scal?

Coach Scal

“Scal is going to be a hell of a coach,” Rivers said on ESPN 1000's "Afternoon Saloon". “He’s in the same spot I was in at the same point in his career, and all he says is, ‘No I’m going to do TV. I’m going to do radio.’ And I just shake my head, sure Scal. 

“Scalabrine, mark my words, will be an NBA coach, and a good one.” 

Rivers praised Scalabrine’s work ethic, and he also said the tradition of fans chanting Scalabrine’s name late in games didn’t originate in the United Center. 

“We started that, right Scal? So they’re stealing what we did in Boston,” Rivers said. “I think Chicago should get something more original than that.” 

“It’s grown to a whole new level here,” Scalabrine countered.

ESPN Chicago (via ESPN Boston): Doc sees coaching potential in Scalabrine

I'm not one to doubt Doc's assessment of Scal as a potential NBA coach.  I don't think he was trying to blow smoke up his ass either.  I'll bet he really thinks that's true.

But I just will never be able to look at Scal and think anything other than that goofball end-of-the-bench guy.  Can you imagine what kind of coach he'd be?  

I'd love to be able to interview him after winning a championship as a coach.  Do you think it would be anything like this?

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  • The good news is that your wrist doesn’t rotate anyways.

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  • At this point of the season, noone in the league is going to be 100% not even Avery Bradley, but like he said, he is about as close to 100% as it’s gone get, and thats what we need, I feel he should have been come back from this sprained ankle, Kobe didnt miss one game and his was severe, Delonte missed 2 weeks for a mild sprain? So it better be something close to 100% because he costed us alot of games, and we cant take no more being cautious with a sprained ankle… The only person to me that deserves to get back to 100%, and take his time is Shaq…. Jermaine is reported to be back in 1-2 weeks also…. Von still got another week…. lets go #TeamCeltics

  • I always envisioned Scal becoming the next Tommy, so for him to say that he wants to go into tv and radio just confirms my thought. Now Ray Allen, he is going to be one hell of a coach.

  • sweet, so Delonte announces he’ll be less than 100%, yet we don’t have any viable option to replace him. Nobody here wants Von Wafer or Carlos Arroyo playing in the playoffs. Nobody.

  • my guess is that’s the body of former memphis coach Marc Iavaroni