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Recap: C’s turn it on, wear down the Pacers

 Kg and pierce high 5The Celtics started this game out horribly… again.  I mean, it was just ugly.  They had NOTHING going on offensively.  After falling behind 20-15 after the first quarter, I thought this was going to be another one of those games that I would have probably switched off were I not required to watch.

Then the second unit… if you can believe it… stepped up and provided the requisite amount of energy needed to start wearing down the Pacers and make them look like the borderline EasternConference playoff team playing on back-to-back nights. 

The starters followed suit for a few minutes and we actually saw CELTICS BASKETBALL that saw the C's rip off a 15-2 run…. until the last minute of the first half where Indy cut the C's lead to 7 at halftime.   The C's still won that quarter 32-20.

In the 3rd, the C's wore Indy down.  Paul Pierce had a wicked move to the hoop.  Ray Allen and KG connected for a nice basket under the hoop.  And Carlos Arroyo beat the buzzer with a 3 to give the C's a 14 point lead that they'd just kinda hang on to the rest of the way. 

Defensively, the C's held Indy to 37.5% shooting.  They had flashes of actually playing Celtics-type defense…. highlighted by a monster Delonte West block on Paul George in the 4th. The C's blocked 9 shots tonight… 3 of the courtesy of Jeff Green.

Speaking of Mr. Green… he checked in with a 19 point night on 6-9 shooting.  Most of it came in the first half where he was pretty much THE reason the C's were able to build a second quarter lead.  Paul Pierce was quietly awesome tonight.  He opened the game with another dunk… this time catching Roy Hibbert.  He was scoring in every way possible and he was setting guys up (most notably, Ray for 3 a couple of times) on his way to a 20 point, 5 assist night.

Rajon Rondo didn't "break out" of his slump tonight, but he had flashes of doing what he normally does.  He only took two shots, but he 8 assists, 2 steals and a block.  

Delonte West looked pretty good in his return.  After the game Doc made fun of it… saying "he must have played in a rec league… his timing was too good."  Delonte was making some great passes out there and did a great job of holding the second unit together. 

The most important stat of the night: No starter played more than 30 minutes… and that was Rondo.  Any time you can beat a mediocre team and rest your starters is a good night at this point in the season.  It was also great that they did it on "Mike & Tommy night."  Hell… Troy Murphy even chipped in on their night with a dunk and a jumper.  What more can you ask for?

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  • They didnt lose. Nice to have Delonte back.
    congrats to Mike & Tommy & happy St Patty’s day to everyone!

  • Was’nt able to watch the game, will there be Greenlights for this game? I would greatly appreciate it, also if I can see the Mike and Tommy Tribute….

  • Good game all around rondo started off his sluggish self during the past few weeks but then halfway through something clicked and he started ball faking passes and as well as putting pressure on the defense with his dribbling where he looked somewhat of his old self. He still made his mistakes with one hand passes that i hope before the playoffs a coach points out (because he cant be waisting possesions with careless flare passes when he could be just be making the pass with two hands and get it there with much better effieciency). I also would like him to try and finish strong more often which he attempted more of this game rather than floaters. Other than good game for rondo. The bench played well all around and every looks alot more comfortable playing together. Delonte looked good at the end after he got into the flow of the game . I don’t know if people agree with me here but i feel like the celtics spread the ball around too much too an extent. In this game and other games this season theres been distinct advantages with height and skill agaisnt opposing teams players within a one on on matchup. Instead of going to these matchups every single possesion against a much smaller/ much less skilled opponent i feel like theyll try and run there offense and try to share the ball and shot attempts. This I believe is especially prevalent with the big 3. Theyll attack the mismatch in their sets but only go through those mistmatches for the sake of the offense set. i’d like doc to notice these more often and attack all these mismatches with specific plays that set up iso’s on pierce with a smaller defender or get KG in the post against a hansborough. I feel like this mismatches will occur many mroe times in the next few weeks p with our improved bench and jeff green’s versatility and size. If u agree i’d like to no?

  • The bench looks like they are coming along. Really looking forward to the playoffs. We need to rest Raging Rondo. T Murphy looks like he is getting it. Arroyo makes good decisions. Wait till Deisel gets back, It will be over! Hang in there C`s fans.