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Quotes from tonight’s episode of “The Association”

The next episode of "The Association" airs tonight at 7pm.  It's going to be the episode that features all the Perkins trade reaction.  Here are a couple of quotes from the show… courtesy of Chris Forsberg.

DOC RIVERS: “I’ve been in this business a long time and that was the toughest one for me by far; for me and Perk. I don’t know if we looked at it in the basketball terms, I think we looked at it in father-son terms… Our mission hasn’t changed: We are going to win the title. That is what we are in this for. We know it is going to be hard and it’s going to get harder…” 

KENDRICK PERKINS: "Kendrick Perkins: “Once I found out it was done, I broke down in tears. It’s just the love. It is a genuine love for each other. I don’t consider these guys as teammates; I consider them as brothers. I don’t consider the coaches as coaches; I consider them as fathers to me. I am just happy to have had the chance to play with Hall of Famers and been a part of the Celtics history.” 

When this trade went down, I immediately wanted to see this episode of The Association.  I get the feeling it will be a surprising look into the humanity behind the business of basketball.  I can't wait.

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  • I better damn hope no one is cutting onions while I’m watching the new episode tonight.
    (Let’s face it, I am so going to cry when I see this)

  • Should be good.

  • Wow, it’s really dusty in my office. I must have some dust in my eyes.

  • Heartbreaking.

  • people forget how attached us fans can get to the team and players too. its true that the coaches and players know each other a lot better than we do, but at the same time we watch every game, follow every pre and post conference, track them constantly, and literally succeed and fail with them. in a way, perk was part of our family too. i cant wait for him to come back to boston, i know everyone will give him a monster standing ovation.

  • I have a feeling Perkins knew about the trade when he spoke to A Sherrod Blakely on the sideline during shoot around. His quote after the trade “Once I knew it was done..” implies he knew it was being discussed and was waiting to see if it would finalize. His comments with Sherrod also implies he was thinking hard about really leaving these guys and that possibility.

  • Ah, great. The maudlin crap was just beginning to die down and the pro-Perkins trolls fading away on all the great Celtic boards on the Interwebs, and now here we go again.
    Watch Perkins try to play against Miami last night. Guy’s not healthy, and he’s not going to be healthy this season. Total non-factor in the game.
    What a heist this trade was for the Celtics.