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How Sherman Douglas helped transform Orlando Magic history

Sherman douglas This sounds like something out of "The Adjustment Bureau".  One event that is ultimately forgotten… can completely alter the course of history.  Sherman Douglas had one of those events at the end of the 92-93 season… which completely shifted the course of the Orlando Magic's history.  The story is on Orlando's web site.

Sherman Douglas, who bounced around his entire NBA career and was having a subpar season for the Celtics in 1992-93, enjoyed one of his best games of his career against the Magic in the first of Orlando's final three games. 

The former Syracuse standout erupted for 24 points on 12-of-18 shooting from the field and dished out 11 assists as Boston dominated. 

The Magic, however, did bounce back and defeated both the Nets (Nick Anderson tallied 50 points) and Hawks to stay alive. 

After Indiana lost to both Cleveland and Detroit, it needed a win against Miami to secure a playoff berth. Vern Fleming, who had started just eight games that entire year, replaced Pooh Richardson in the starting lineup and had the game of his life. Fleming racked up 31 points, seven assists and seven rebounds as the Pacers edged the Heat. 

Despite both having identical records (41-41), Indiana qualified for the playoffs due to tiebreaker rules. 

As it turned out, the combination of Douglas and Fleming’s performances those two days ultimately and inadvertently transformed Orlando into a championship contender. 

After not qualifying for the playoffs and following some extraordinary lottery luck, the Magic overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to land the No. 1 overall pick in the 1993 NBA Draft. 

After drafting Chris Webber, Orlando traded his rights to Golden State for Penny Hardaway and future draft selections. In effect, the duo of Shaquille O’Neal and Hardaway helped the Magic quickly evolve into an NBA powerhouse. 

Who knows what would have happened if Orlando had won that game.  Orlando could have become a playoff team… then hovered in that 8th seed/7th seed mediocrity for a while… and then who knows?  They could have become the Bucks for all we know.  Instead, they've had some good runs as title contenders.  

One great game by a forgettable Celtic.  If he just played an average game… there might not be a Stan Van Gundy patrolling the sidelines and Dwight Howard throwing elbows around and getting techs.

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  • gentlemen and ladies, I don’t know if you realize the serious nature of all of this…….the Boston Celtics play tonight. Tomorrow morning will be St. Patrick’s Day, and the beginning of the NCAA tournament. The bender that is upon us can truly be unprecedented! this will give us five days to celebrate Basketball,Beer, Boobs, Beantown, and More beer!!!! HAPPY SAINT PATTY”S DAY GO CELTICS AND GO DUKE!!!!!!!

  • Go Duke? No bro, fuck Duke! Although I hope Singler does good, he’s from southern Oregon (Medford) and a good kid. (the fact that he’s from Duke mean’s he will have an unextroiadinary NBA career).
    General Sherman was with the Heat when they first started in the NBA. He got alot of minutes and put up alot of those weak shots of his, and averaged about 20 a game. On his best nights he could score on floaters and make smart plays. He shot better from the line than Rondo but so does my wife.
    Walton was classic on WEEI today. I’m gonna be super pissed if they blow this game to Indy.