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“The Association” cutting-room floor

The NBA's official YouTube page released some deleted scenes from Wednesday's new episode of "The Association: Boston Celtics". They include: A.Sherrod Blakely in an ironic interview w/Perk, Doc and the boys celebrating finally getting a win in Oakland, and Semih (wearing a "Good Things Come in Threes" t-shirt) after learning he was traded to the Cavs:



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  • who were the starting 5? couldn’t tell with all the nosie

  • Paul Pierce, Jiri Welsh, Mike James, Vin Baker, and Raef LaFrentz

  • Raef LaFrentz??? sounds like they are saying it is not him

  • If you listen closely, I’m pretty sure they say “Walker!” then Pierce blames KG for telling him it was LaFrentz.

  • i thought so

  • Doc says “Walter McCarty”

  • Oh!! "Walter.." thanks!