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Your Morning Dump… Where everybody knows your name… except Glen Davis

 Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"The first half I felt weird a little bit, because I didn't remember [anybody] on the team," Davis said with a dose of humor. "I was like, Nate? Carlos? I can't even pronounce [No.] 77." 

Reminded that No. 77 is Pavlovic, Davis said, "I just say, 'What's up?' 'Hey!' I've got to get familiar with the names." Turning more serious, he added, "[I'm] just trying to get in a rhythm. I was out for a couple days, I really couldn't do [any] running. I was on the treadmill, but that really doesn't simulate a game. So I'm just trying to get my feet under me and stuff like that." 

ESPN Boston: Glen Davis gets reacclimated with teammates

Check out Baby in that video… I guess I missed the memo requiring NBA players to slowly evolve into hipster nerds.  Paul Pierce and Amare Stoudemire come to mind right away… and I distinctly remember Nate pulling the old big glasses & backpack look. 

And is it me, or does Baby sound really subdued in that video? 

Anyway, there isn't much to say about what he said other than it sounds funny and its a funny way to express to the media that he's got work to do and still has to get acclimated.  Although I do believe that Baby has no idea how to pronounce "Sasha Pavlovic".  I'm sure Nenad Krstic is gonna be a tough one… so I advise him to just call him "Nads" like we do.  I'm trying to get "Geico" to catch on for Sasha… but I don't think that's gaining any traction.

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On Page 2: the team record was no big whoop

Asked if he were aware of the new record his team just set, Paul Pierce quipped, “No, I didn’t have my NBA record book on the bench with me tonight so I didn’t realize.”

[…] “No, honestly, did we set a record? I didn’t know that,” Rivers said. “I really thought this was one of those schedule losses for Milwaukee. I just thought this was very similar to the game we had against Phoenix where you play a game and you lose an hour going backwards and then they lost another hour with the time change, and then we started the game at 6:00."

WEEI: Celtics don't see a big point to setting new team record  

The Bucks made 8 baskets in the first half… 22 overall… en route to shooting 31%.  And if we had our usual bench, there's no way they would have gotten that high. 

And as much as I'd like to think that this was all about the stifling Celtics D… it was also about what Doc said (did you read my preview, Doc?).  Those guys were missing open shots too.  That game was lost the minute the plane landed in Boston early in the morning. 

Think about it for a minute.  The game against Philly was 8pm Eastern.  That means it ended somewhere around 10:30pm.  By the time they finished, did their post game, showered and got to the team charter, it had to be close to midnight AT BEST.  Then it's a little more than a four hour flight to Boston… which then includes a time change… and you're looking at the Bucks LANDING in Boston at about 5:30 am.  Then they've got to get to their hotel, sleep, get up, eat something, and then get to the Garden for a 6pm tip. 

That team never had a shot.

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  • Last night alot of the guys were calling Krstic “Curly.”..

  • I’d much rather see these guys dressing and acting like hipster nerds, than getting neck tattoos and acting like wannabe gangstas.

  • KWAPT, was that you up on the jumbo?