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Nads nominated for player of the week

Krstic loose ball Our boy Nads has had a hell of a week.  

  • Vs. the Clippers he had 20 pts & 9 rebounds
  • Vs. Philly he had 16 points and 15 rebounds
  • Vs. Milwaukee he had 11 points and 14 rebounds

He shot 18 for 32 for the week (56.3%). 

That's pretty good.  Almost good enough to get Player of the Week honors.  It went to Dwyane Wade… but Nads was nominated.  

By the way… for the month of March, he's averaging 14.7 and 8.5 rebounds a game while shooting 57.1% from the field and 72.7% from the line. 

Yes, he still needs to get better defensively… but he's working on that.  But you can't tell me you expected this kind of production from him offensively.  He's doing a hell of a job and he certainly deserves the credit he's getting. 

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  • Word I’ll drink to that!

  • I love Perk, got all choked up when I heard about him getting traded. That emotion was at least as much due to how I knew Perk was feeling on hearing the news. He was a true Celtic, his identity was formed in Celtic green, and he is the type person who is loyal to a fault, you can just tell that’s his type. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t going to walk at the end of the season though, he very well might have followed the money.
    That being said….Nads is quite the pleasant surprise! I believe that looking at where his game is right now, a strong case can be made that the Celts may have made an even trade straight up Krstic for Perk. Yeah, his defense doesn’t have game impact like Perk does. But, Krstics offense is almost a fair value trade for Perk’s defense presense. And, I think that Krstic will become a much better defensive player with time, maybe not quite as gnarly tough as Perk, but much better than he is now. He’s getting better game by game right before our eyes with hardly any practice time.
    Krstic is also a BIG dude, should be able to clog the middle when he gets taught toughness from KG and the rest of the Celtic tough guys.
    Jeesh…then you throw in Green, the best player in that trade, AND a first round draft choice.
    Danny did it again! Thanks Mr. Ainge!

  • His defense will get there, especially in the playoffs when he sees the Big 4’s defense go to another level.
    Perk is suiting up for the Thunder tonight, hope he does well and helps that team go deep into the playoffs.