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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics turned the screws

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Milwaukee.

The Bucks couldn't have asked for a worse start, missing 13 of 17 shots in the first on their way to tying an NBA season-low with just nine points. And yet trailed by just 11 after the first dozen minutes, mainly thanks to seven turnovers by the Celtics. While the Bucks didn't do themselves any favors by missing every jump shot they took in the period, Boston also turned the screws on the perimeter, pressuring the Bucks at the point of attack and completely taking them out of the comfort zone they had found against lesser opponents over the last week. Krstic (9 pts, 11 boards in the first half) was beating Bogut on the glass and with his jump shot, and the Bucks' center only last five minutes before a second foul sent him to the bench. 

Brew Hoop

As I tweeted last night during the game, the Celtics were noticeably more aggressive on the perimeter. I thought Rondo did a fantastic job harrassing the ball, especially in the 1st half. He's clearly responding to my recent criticism of his on-the-ball defense.

Love the graphic too. While it's not in the league of my elephant dung special, it's comical.

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  • your recent criticism??? this criticism has been here the whole year, last year, and the year before, So once he figures out his defense how about telling him to finish strong when he blows by people and get fouls or easy layups and then after that tell him to stop being such a FLASHY IDIOT who decides to make one handed passes all the time and throw it away 60 percent of the time he makes those one handed pass bc if rondo did these two things hed be unstoppable( im not even asking for him to make shots form the foul line that’s a part of his game that im willing to surrender). If hes just able too step up his defense stop making flashy one handed passes and just pass it regular as well as when he does blow by people( Which he has the ability to blow by any1 in the league) finish strong in the lane and take that layup or get the foul

  • Anybody else notice when Rondo was bringing the ball up (can’t recall what part of the game it was, I think first half), and Rondo stuck his leg out at the guy guarding him, almost was a kick, except it looked more like someone using his arm (stiff-arm) to keep the defender at a distance?
    Looked funny as hell, and, it worked! Dude backed off a few feet.

  • Any chance one of the clip gurus can find this clip? I’ve never seen any other NBA player do this with his leg before.

  • Wait a damn minute BleedGreen34! While some recent criticism may be justified,Rajon Rondo is clearly a great point guard. He’s at or near the top of the League in assists and steals, he’s incredibly athletic, he was an All Star this year, he can bring the ball up under pressure, and he can get into the paint anytime he wants. Among guards, Rondo is always among the leaders in Field Goal Percentage and Rebounding, and he was the starting point guard on an NBA championship team in only his second year. If Rondo plays long enough, he will own all the Celtic records for assists. And if Rondo ever develops a serviceable jump shot(like Jason Kidd eventually did), he will be a legit candidate for the HOF one day.
    Clearly, Rondo has not been in top form for two or three weeks. As you say, he’s not driving strongly to the hoop or staying in front of his man on D. To that, I’d add, that he’s not pushing the ball up the floor, or getting back to his man after help on D. There could be several reasons for this: 1. He may be hurt (both his feet (plantar fasciitis) and hamstring have given him problems this year. 2. He may be missing his best friend on the team (Perk) and feeling slightly hurt and resentful about the trade. 3. He may be shying away from contact at the rim because of his poor free throw percentage (though that seems better lately) or because he’s beat up from getting pounded when he takes it to the rim. 4. Rondo may be just plain exhausted from leading the team in minutes all season (because they had no other point guard on the roster).
    Now that the Celtics have Arroyo and D West is coming back, maybe Rondo can finally give his battered body some rest. Last night, against the Bucks,Rondo played better on D, and I expect him to start driving with more authority as his body heals.
    There is one problem in Rondo’s game this year that was not there in the past. He has turned the ball over much more than in previous years and his assist to turnover ratio is the worst of his career. I think this is a result of Rondo’s trying to force more difficult passes. I’d like him to clean this up now rather than wait for the playoffs. In the off season in addition to shooting, I think RR needs to work on finishing with his left hand. The next time, I see him make a left handed layup will be the first.
    Tonight against D Will will be a good test. Criticize Rondo all you want, but he is the best point guard the C’s have had since Cousy (Tiny was at the end of his career, and DJ-in Boston for the last third of his career-had Bird as Point Forward to help run the offense.
    Even Great players make mistakes or go through slumps. Look for Rondo to break out soon.
    All the best,
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