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Recap: Buck Hunting

Chuck - Red's Army March 13, 2011 Uncategorized 13 Comments on Recap: Buck Hunting

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What do you get when you combine an A+ defensive effort with one of the worst offensive teams in the league?

An 87-56 Celtics blowout over the Bucks.

The Cs set franchise records for fewest points allowed in a half (22), thru 3 quarters (38) and for a game (56). The Bucks shot 31 percent.

Ray Allen (17 points) was the only Celtic to play 30 minutes. The lopsided victory allowed Doc to give significant rest to Rajon Rondo (23 minutes) and KG (25 minutes). While I found Rondo to be extremely active defensively in the 1st half, KWAPT (who was sitting in the loge) expressed some concern that Rondo was "not himself" in the 3rd quarter.

Nads had another solid game: 11 points and 14 rebounds.

Glen Davis returned (9 points, 7 rebounds) to play 18 minutes. He looked a bit rusty early, but rounded into form by the 4th quarter. Troy Murphy (12 points, 7 rebounds) also found a rhythm in garbage-time.

As much as I hate to give him credit, John nailed this game in the preview.

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  • When did Nads become such a great rebounder?

  • how high is avery bradley’s ceiling?

  • I don’t think Rondo has been himself lately. I don’t know what the problem is, but I hope he kicks in it come playoffs. His energy just isn’t the same. He doesn’t seem like he’s really into the games like he used to be.

  • I will bask in your credit…. thank you

  • Ahhh,Defense, It`s about freakin time! Gino time baby! I luv it.

  • Ive said it before, Rondo has checked out. I wonder if hes planning on checking back in any time soon. Looks uninterested and lackadaisical.
    Good to see Murphy still has the potential to contribute to the team. Hope to see more good things from him tomorrow. And Nads.

  • I see that as well. Rondo just isn’t himself and you can definitely see it. The stupid turnovers, the lack in effort on defense, I hate it all. This guy is getting paid with our money to play so he better start caring about the games and represent the Celtics by putting ALL effort in every game.

  • Nasty storm hit my area just after tipoff, we lost power and I missed the whole game. The Rondo thing is getting strange… this all cause he misses his best friend on the team Perk or is he just in a slump? For now I’m just glad the got a W after losing to 2 crap teams.

  • If this is all because of Perk Rondo needs to grow up and realize it is a business one which he gets paid millions by the Celtics. He needs to start earning it (at least earn it post Perk trade)

  • Exactly. If this shit is all about the Perkins trade then I have lost a measure of confidence in Rondo’s maturity. Its really the only explanation I can come up with at this point. He is being paid top dollar to pilot the best basketball club in the world. Its time he started acting like a leader, and all out hustle every night is what the people who care about the club demand, without excuses.

  • Great chance for:
    a)starters to get significant rest before a very busy week
    b)Murphy to FINALLY get some rhythm and the other reserves to get some good burn together.
    Krstic is a beast. I am very surprised with how good he’s been. Look for some great video of KG enjoying Gino in the morning.

  • Rondo better realize he’s part of the Big 4 and play like an All-Star to keep up with and hopefully stay ahead of Chicago, Miami, Dallas,… THE FLAKERS! 3 assists, 2 points won’t cut it.

  • You guys are reading too much into Rondo’s slump. Its March and the C’s are playing a month’s worth of scrubs. He’s waiting for the playoffs.