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Your Morning Dump… Doc wants to get physical

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“The game was called very physical — (the referees) allowed them to be physical, and I didn’t think we handled that very well. When you think about how many plays we had at the basket where they stripped us or took the ball away — usually if you hold onto that it’s at least a foul, but we didn’t hold onto the ball tonight. I just thought they were the more physical team.”

Perhaps that was the most troubling note of all.

“We knew they were the more athletic team,” Rivers said. “But we can’t allow them to be the more physical team as well.”

Herald – Celtics don't rise for bell

When was the last time Doc called out the guys for lack of physicality? When the Celtics are playing at maximum effort, there's only one team in the league that can out-bang (did I just make up a word?) them and that's LA.

They do have an excuse: two of their most physical players remain on the bench (Glen Davis should return Sunday). A lot of the blame will fall on Nenad Krstic:

And if there's one thing Krstic has learned so far, it's that it doesn't take much to throw an entire defensive coverage scheme out of synch.

"You just need one guy to make a mistake and the whole defense becomes a little weaker," Krstic said. "That's happening right now, especially with first unit. I'm still learning. Sometimes I make a mistake, so guys try to help me. All the new guys are really trying to fit in. Everybody's playing hard. Everybody giving 100 percent. So it's not like the effort isn't there. It's just… getting more familiar with the system."

While Krstic has certainly had his share of issues defensively, he did just drop 16 points and 15 rebounds – his first double-double with the Celtics – which came after a 20-point, nine-rebound effort against the Los Angeles Clippers.

I love the dynamic Krstic brings to the offense and I'm more than happy to sacrifice some defense. Can you really blame the defense after holding a team to 89 points?

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On Page 2, Kobe isn't the only one to hold late-night workouts.

There's a sign-in sheet near the entrance of the Boston Celtics' practice facility, and more often than you'd imagine, coach Doc Rivers will arrive the morning after a game to find Ray Allen's or Paul Pierce's name scribbled at the top with a timestamp past midnight…. "I know there's been many times when, after games, I hear in the morning that guys went straight to Waltham to shoot," said Celtics coach Doc Rivers.

While Rivers said he was a fan of what Bryant did because of the positive message it sent to kids, he did stress that he wouldn't have allowed any such action on the TD Garden floor. Particularly not for an hour and a half.

"Turn the lights out," Rivers joked. "No doubt about it. The lights have to go out."

ESPN Boston – Celtics no stranger to overtime

Call the national media. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen want to win just as much as Kobe Bryant.

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  • That video rules.

  • I get annoyed about the media playing up Kobe shooting after a game too. Like he is the 1st player ever to think of doing it as you proved there are alot of players who probably do it.