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A glimpse into how hard it is for the new guys

It's been a running theme around here lately…. the C's have a bunch of new guys and they're trying to get acclimated… blah, blah blah.  But the Globe has an interesting look into just how hard these guys are working to get themselves up to speed.
It was an unusual pre-game sight. The Celtics' locker room usually has game tape running with video coordinator Brian Adams working two MacBooks like turntables. But Carlos Arroyo was at his locker with headphone over his ears, buried in a MAcBook of his own picking apart film. He had a few discs worth of video sitting next to the computer, and it spoke volumes about how much cramming the new players are doing as they try to integrate themselves into the Celtics' system.
"I’m trying to catch up," said Arroyo. "I’m trying to obviously be on the same page. “Try” to be on the same page is the reality. I don’t have much time. Those guys have been playing together for many years. I’m just trying to learn the plays, what they’re trying to do out there offensively, defensively."
I can't imagine how hard it is to get caught up.  At least we know these guys are busting their asses.  I haven't hear a single thing to the contrary… so it's encouraging.  I feel like it won't be long before these guys start catching on.

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  • Won’t matter in the playoffs if the çeltics have their way (i.e. Davis, Shaq, West, Jermaine all healthy). Murphy is cooked, Pavlovich will only play if their is an injury, same with Arroyo.