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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc confirms KG is human

Kg shoots over deandre jordan
Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"Lord knows I missed some shots that I work on every day," Garnett said. "It is what it is."

Said Celtics coach Doc Rivers: "He had a bad night. I knew he was human before [the Clippers loss], and it is confirmed. He just had one of those nights."

[…] "I thought he was pressing at times offensively, which he never does," Rivers said. "I never thought he had balance on his shots. I thought everything was front rim on his shots, which is fatigue. That was tough."

CSNNE: KG's aggressiveness doesn't always pay off

Every player is going to have one of "those" days.  Shots you normally make just won't fall.  It's the kind of day that balances out those "hot" days where you just can't miss.  

But when Doc says everything was front rim because he was fatigued after two off days and a home game… then I'm concerned.  

So we sit here and try to figure out the best course of action.  Do you just throw an out of shape, out of sorts, confused Troy Murphy out there and let him play himself into shape… very likely costing the team…. and sit KG a few extra minutes in an effort to keep him rested?  Or do you just play KG as much as you need because getting the #1 seed is just too important?

We're going to have to make a choice soon.  I know Baby is coming back soon, but he's got a knee issue too…. and it's a chronic issue.  

Troy Murphy and the bigs were just part of a GREAT conversation with Jessica Camerato on our show last night.  She covered just about every possible C's topic out there.  You can listen here:

Or you can go here to download the mp3.  You can also subscribe to our show so it shows up automatically in your reader.

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On Page 2: Nads is going balls to the wall on D 

“He’s picking it up,’’ Garnett said. “But more importantly, he’s going really hard.’’

Part of picking up a new system is flushing out the old one.

“Sometimes I’m lost a little bit because different styles,’’ Krstic said. “Playing in Oklahoma still is in my head, and just really trying to get adjusted.’’

The Celtics’ defensive schemes have baffled many a newcomer. After arriving late in the 2008-09 season, Mikki Moore never fully grasped it. Last season, Nate Robinson compared it to learning an offense.

“I think our schemes are a little more detailed than what he had in OKC,’’ Garnett said. “I don’t know their system. I just know how we are.

Globe: Krstic studying for an "A" in D

First, let me give proper credit for the "Nads" nickname.  When I asked for nicknames, Nate B. sent it to us and I forgot to properly credit him for the submission.  So thanks Nate for giving us the nickname that is sophomoric enough to be used in teaser lines like "Nads goes balls to the wall". 

Second, when KG says "he's going really hard" in trying to learn defense, then I feel real comfortable that he's going to pick it up.  Again, check out our show because Jess Camerato broke down how Nads is practicing hard with both the first and second units in an effort to pick it up.

Krstic is still getting lost out on D… but working with KG and working as hard he's working… it all points to improvement.  He's never going to be the enforcer Perk was… but he can fit in and do well.

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  • By the time KG is in boston you should know that he has his worst nights when schedule is quite light. It’s because he practices so hard and gets tired more then he has game after game. Check the stats.
    By the way, coul’d you guys look for some stats resume of Nads playing vs bigs in LA? It could give us a look at what to expect against the LA

  • Hindsight is always easy, but they kept the game too close to throw in the towel and go to the bench entirely. Getting the subs minutes and resting the starters is a bonus when the C’s win big or a silver lining when blown out.
    You feel real comfortable that Nads is going really hard. Sorry… sorry