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Recap: C’s get their Liberty Bell Rung by Philly

Looking to bounce back after one of the ugliest efforts of the season against the LA Clippers, the Celtics lost their second consecutive game at the hands of the 76ers.  The C's came out of the gate slow and ragged once again, falling behind by as many as 8 points with just over a minute remaining.  The previous two games were very close, so you knew the Sixers would be ready for the matchup.

The C's talked again prior to the game about needing to get off to better starts and not give teams like philly any confidence.  But when Spencer Hawes is dropping a double-double (14 points, 10 rebounds) and raining deep jumpers and having is own slam dunk contest, well, it's not going to be a green colored night.

The Celtics shot a hair better than the Sixers (41.8% to 41.3% FG) and better from the FT line (85% to 72%), had more rebounds (45 to 44) and had more assists (24 to 22).  But KG and Ray struggled with their offense, combining to shoot 7 for 24 from the field.  Plenty of those shots were routine for KG and Ray, but neither could get it going.

The Celtics offense was so anemic in the fourth quarter, that prior to KG's lay-up in the final seconds, their last field goal before that was a Ray Allen three with 6:26 left in the fourth quarter.  It's a shame too, since the bench (led be Jeff Green's 18 points in 11 minutes) actually brought the C's back early in the fourth.

Green had twice as many FGA's as Pierce did in half of the playing time (14 for Green in 11 minutes, 7 for Pierce in 31 minutes).  Pierce was caught in foul trouble, which might partially explain why Doc had Sasha Pavlovic guarding Andre Iguodala straight up with the game on the line.

With the Sixers up by three, Iggy was isolated at the top of the three-point line with Sasha giving him the left lane.  Iggy made a quick first cross-step and Sasha just couldn't recover as Iggy blew past him for the lay-up.  KG made a lay-up after a beautiful out-of-bounds play immediately after a timeout, but the C's failed to foul on the next play, and the Sixers ran out the clock on the C's.

Nenad Krstic (or "Nads" as John perfectly calls him) had a fantastic game logging a double-double with 16 points and 15 rebounds, but his interior defense is still an issue.  For the second straight game, his man completely killed him down low, first DeAndre Jordan, now Spencer Hawes.  He shows well on the high screen and roll, but recovers as if his feet were side-stepping through molasses.  I swear there were several times where KG wanted to junk-jab him.  Krstic did earn his first Tommy Point by diving for a loose ball late in the fourth, but it was to no avail as the C's failed to score.  But the bigger issue was that KG couldn't get his offense going for the second straight game.  Rondo seemed like he re-upped his endorsement deal with Red Bull, but still seemed a little off.

KG struggled but told reporters afterwards: "I'm not one to make excuses, we just got to go out and get it done, point blank."

Couldn't have said it better myself.  On to the next one.

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  • It’s basically come down to how many games the Celtics are willing to concede and how far back in seeding they’re willing to slide in order to get guys rested and healthy at this point. At least that’s what it feels like. It’s beyond frustrating because last season taught everyone how important the top seed is.
    I’m starting to wonder if the starters, who are clearly burnt out from carrying so much dead weight, are beginning to resent the guys (none of whom were Celtics last year) who have sat out for extended games for what are considered minor injuries? I know I am and I don’t even play the game. I can’t figure out of Delonte sprained his ankle or lost a leg in practice based on the different return game projections we’ve been getting. Shaq will never be 100%, does that mean he never returns? He was supposed to come back next week two weeks ago. Is Jermaine even alive? I’ve worn my jersey from the pro shop longer than he has as an actual Celtic. Baby and Von get passes because they’ve actually contributed in the 30 days.
    I understand it’s all about getting guys healthy but this is as frustrating to watch as it was last year. All these cupcake games that a healthy Boston team would snag to keep ahead of the pack and they can’t close because they’re weaker at almost every position with guys banged up for more than half the season. Jermaine and Delonte have combined for TWENTY FIVE games. Have they even played a game together?!
    Sorry for the vent. It’s just beyond frustrating.

  • I really understand the frustration C’s fans (and myself) are feeling. Another game we could’ve won, even with our missing guys. KG and Ray both were uncharacteristically off. Mike Gorman read off a stat that I believe was the C’s starters were 17 of 43 tonight. Ugh. Point is, they’ve struggled. Rondo’s also not himself. Plantar fascitis? Missing Perk? Who knows. They need to pick-it up. But also, don’t blow this out of proportion-it’s 2 games. For us, as C’s fans, feels like 10. They have to get it together though. They’ve got 2 back to backs coming-up and the Bulls are gaining. Baby should be back Sunday, and hopefully Shaq and DWest over the next 10 days. Hang in there C’s fans. This team WILL get healthy.

  • I think one thing that is playing a part is the fact that we have 5 brand new players on the team, a full third of the team.
    Just the psychological effect that would have on team chemistry alone could be causing this shit. But then you throw in the fact that the new guys don’t know the Celtic system yet, and the core celtics are having to play with guys that aren’t in the right place at the right time like was happening before the trade, I am pretty convinced that is the problem.
    It has to be frustrating for all involved, and the season already being filled with line-up changing injuries left and right…I don’t see how that doesn’t take a toll on the psyches of our players.
    This is one of those things that time tends to heal, but we sure don’t have a whole lot of that now.

  • Predictable March loss. This is 2010 Celtics mail it in mode against an opponent they don’t take seriously. I’m not worried…..except the bench looks like a poop sandwich right now.