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Kobe’s late night photo-op

Chuck - Red's Army March 11, 2011 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Kobe’s late night photo-op


Following the Lakers loss to the Miami Heat, Kobe Bryant returned to the court to "work on his game." Here's Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski's take:

Kobe Bryant had come back into the empty arena, his gray Lakers T-shirt soaked with sweat as the shots kept arcing into the night. The clock lurched toward midnight, the clean-up crew stuffed popcorn boxes and wrappers into trash bags and the NBA’s most maniacal talent wouldn’t leave the gym. He had returned to shoot for an hour and a half on the Heat’s floor, to go back to work, launching hundreds of jumpers and inspiring a spectacle born of obsession and manipulation. This was for him. This was for them. This was because Bryant can still see LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in June, that the Miami Heat are still championship contenders.

He was beating himself up on the floor late Thursday, stealing the stage and sending a bleep-you to James and Wade: Enjoy your night out after a big March victory, because I’m staying back to turn out the lights in your gymnasium.

Bryant wanted the workout, wanted the chance to cleanse himself of missed shots and missed opportunities in the final minutes. Mostly, he wanted James and Wade to understand the lengths they’ll need to go to take his title away.

“This is my job,” Bryant would say 2½ hours after the game, slumped in a chair courtside. “This is what you’re supposed to do … ”

What a crock of crap. This is the phoniest gesture from the king of phonies.

Kobe's jumper isn't what failed him in this game, it was his decision making. He took a couple of awful shots in the final 2 minutes. Did he work on his dribbling as well? Because he got his pocket picked clean by Dwyane Wade.

You think LeBron and D-Wade give a damn about Kobe taking 500 shots after the game? And do you really think this have any impact on the NBA season? The answers are no and no.

I'm so disappointed in Wojo for his "glowing" article. For a guy who can see through all the BS that LeBron James feeds the world, he's missing the boat on Kobe Bryant.

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  • This makes me wanna throw up. He’s working on his shooting? If he passed up those hand in his face desperate fade away deep threes for a different look the lakers easily could’ve stolen a win

  • A transparent attention grabber to deflect credit from Miami. Lost in this is how Miami’s guards/forwards have dominated LA’s the last 2 games. And sinced Kobe refuses to feed Gasol and Bynum down low, LA’s size advantage is negated.

  • So lame. So obvious. So Kobe.

  • I hate the lakers as much as the next guy, but lets be serious he’s obsessed with the game and if it were a celtics player we may still say it was over board but we’d still be praising their passion for the game. This is why athletes don’t know what to do after they retire, it’s all they know.

  • Leo

    Some of you guys are just lame. Kobe has been a hard worker his entire career. He doesn’t need the PR. It’s well known by everyone that he is always in the gym before anyone else, and is one of the hardest workers in the off-season.
    That jumper looked pretty good Feb. 10th…forget already?

  • redsarmy would try to find a way to disrespect hard work and dedication. inside you KNOW that this isnt just a mindless publicity stunt. but we get it.. you’re haters