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Hey Blake, this is how you dunk over a car

This comes from The Rookie Wall… which describes the dunk like this:

when And 1 Streetballer Guy Dupuy had an opportunity to dunk over a car in Poland, he knew his execution had to be on point for it to deserve any respect in the basketball community.

Dupuy didn’t disappoint at all. Instead of catching an alley-oop and jumping over the hood of a car like Griffin, Dupuy decided to jump straight over the middle of a car, grab a ball out of a guys hand, and put it through his legs before slamming it home

Awesome dunk.  Better than Blake's.  But to be fair… you can't gloat about jumping over the middle of a car when it's a convertible with the top down.  You cleared just as much height as Blake did.  In fact, if the top was up, I don't think you would have cleared it. 

But its still better than Blake's… much better.  

Now… who's gonna jump over a pick up truck?

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  • this is much more impressive.. as for it only being a convertible.. well Blake only dunked over the hood of that Kia anyway…

  • Leo

    I’ll give him credit for a great dunk, yes, but he is an And-One Player, and they spend much more of their time practicing dunks. Guy’s a good dunker, but probably a scrub player – hence why he’s not even in the NBA.

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