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Your Morning Dump… The Cs didn’t have enough bigs

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More urgently, they gave up 31 points on 13-of-19 shooting to Clippers centers Jordan and Chris Kaman. Though newcomer Nenad Krstic thrived offensively with 20 points and nine rebounds on 7-for-10 shooting, his tutoring at the other end of the floor will require more time.

But Doc Rivers isn’t ready to dial code red with his defense — at least not yet.

“You knew it before the game,” the Celtics coach said of how, without an ample supply of big men, the result was predictable.

“Just one extra big is all we needed,” he said. “But we don’t have it with the injuries. This has nothing to do with the trade or anything. We just didn’t have healthy bigs. Hopefully Baby will be back soon.”

Shaq’s return is more nebulous.

Herald – Big problems for Celtics

Nads defensive shortcomings were on display last night. There's no way he can hang with an athletic big like DeAndre Jordan (7 dunks). At least Krstic was able to make up the difference with his offense.

How useless is Troy Murphy? Even with the team in desperate need of bigs, the 6-11 Murphy played just 5 minutes last night. I'm not sure he's going to find his rhythm this year.

Equally depressing was the performance of Mo Williams. How the hell does Rajon Rondo allow Mo to score 28 points? Yes… I realize he can't be held solely responsible, but where is the "Not on my watch" attitude from this kid?

This was the perfect Clippers storm. Their bigs dominated. They made clutch shots. Something that comes around once in 86 years.

At least Doc has a sense of humor:

“No one cried,’’ said Doc Rivers. “We lost the game. We’re good.’’

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On Page 2, Carlos Arroyo impresses.

“I thought Arroyo was phenomenal,’’ Rivers said. “He ran our club. When he came down and called a play that we hadn’t put in for him, but he knew the team ran it, I thought, ‘Man, this guy — he’s pretty good.’ You know, everybody else knew it on the floor and he called it and you know, I was shocked that he knew it. It was great. So there were some good things there.’’

Arroyo said he didn’t remember the play but was focused on staying aggressive. Not only did Arroyo fill in for Rondo, Rivers left both point guards in the game at various points to see how they would operate. Arroyo said the opportunities were beneficial.

“I enjoyed it and it makes my job a lot easier when you have another point guard playing with you,’’ Arroyo said. “[Rondo’s] IQ is so high. It makes your game that much easier. Hopefully we can play more together and understand to play with each other and help the team.’’

Globe – Arroyo fits in nicely

Arroyo did a good job filling out the stat sheet: 4 points, 3 reb, 2 assists, 1 steal. Nothing spectacular, just steady play. He might be the anti-Nate Robinson.

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  • In addition to getting a few good numbers, Arroyo did something we haven’t seen in green for a while; a backup PG dribbling up the floor and setting up an offense. It sounds so simple but ranging from House, TA, ‘Quis, Marbury, Nate, Bradley or whomever they seemed skittish with the ball. Not to glorify this ability but it was refreshing to see.

  • It was one of those nights. Clippers hit shots when they had to.
    Jordan is a monster, but played at the PEAK of his ability.
    We are fine.
    Rondo is in a couple game slump ain’t no thang

  • Without going allCAPS, I have to agree with a previous poster – where’s Rondo been the last few games?
    And to speculate further – where’s Rondo been since ‘the trade’?
    Not gonna lie, my second thought after hearing about the Perkins trade (the first being CENSORED) was “Uh oh, Rondo’s lost his bwest fwend!”
    Rondo is tempermental at best and I think the Perk trade has soured him a bit – his body language is just off as is his game. Perks was his one mate, closest in age as well and he’s lost that bond and while I don’t doubt he’ll turn it on for the playoffs, I can’t shake the feeling that he’s the one holdout in terms of accepting the new guys – it seems like he is grudgingly shouldering the burden –
    ‘Oh great, extra minutes.’ ‘Oh great, gotta teach these new idiots, discards and buyouts, how to be ready for my passes. In the middle of a season’.
    I remember quotes from his college coach and Doc as well about when he gets frustrated when his teammates can’t keep up or miss passes and the like. He corrected that over time with the core and the rest of crew – but since the trade he seems to be dogging it, to the detriment of the team and our win/loss column.
    I think he needs to get a little more professional but he’ll probably continue it until the playoff push. Hopefully we don’t lose first seed in the process.