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Why Doc Rivers won’t go to Miami

Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski has a new column on Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra's relationship in Miami. He discusses Doc Rivers:

Yes, Riles has long been intrigued with Doc Rivers, his old point guard with the New York Knicks. In his mind, Doc’s an extension of his own coaching tree. He must love to hear Rivers tell the story about how Riles told him that he would one day be a coach, about how Doc told him that he was crazy. The Celtics have a contract extension waiting for Rivers, sources say, but so far he’s wanted to wait until the season’s end to deal with it. For him, it would be difficult to make a direct leap from an aging Celtics roster to the Heat. Rivers is too entrenched, too woven into the franchise’s fabric now. What would happen to his relationships with Kevin Garnett(notes) and Paul Pierce(notes), with that city, those fans who adore him?

Nevertheless, he’s perfect for Miami. He’s a championship coach. He has a blueprint for making a Big Three work, for holding difficult stars accountable and together. Yet Rivers has a relationship with his GM that Riley has never had with a coach. He isn’t afraid to tell GM Danny Ainge that he’s completely wrong, that he’s going to do it his way and that that’s just way it has to be. Rivers and Ainge can argue, debate and sometimes even rage, but ultimately Ainge lets Rivers coach the Celtics. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Riley, or Rivers, could have the autonomy that they would need to co-exist. Go down the list of strong-minded, successful coaches, and ask yourself how many could come from the outside and fit into that insular Heat world.

Finally… some reasoning why Doc Rivers would not be a good fit in Miami.

I'll sleep better tonight thanks to this column.

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  • just the thought of Doc coaching the Heat (or any other team for that matter) makes me ill. I wish hed just sign that damned contract and be done with it.

  • when dwight howard bolts from the magic i bet doc replaces otis thorpe and gets their gm position. he’s great at damage control, knows the league, and close to home. im shocked it already hasn’t happened.. maybe he prefers coaching champions?