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The Two Man Game at 9 with Jessica Camerato

Camerato and rondo CSNNE's Jessica Camerato joins us tonight at 9pm to help us figure out a few things about the Celtics.  

Like for one… what the hell is a team in a dogfight for the top seed doing coming out flat?  And also… are we going to see enough out of these new guys to help cut down the starters' minutes?  Oh… and WTF is up with Rondo lately?  

All that stuff and more is coming up at 9pm.  You can tune in with the embedded widget or you can click on it and you can join us in our fancy schmancy chat room.  

If you want to call in.. dial (724) 444-7444.  The call ID is 94051.  

I swear… I think I'm figuring this new platform out.  This time I think I got it.

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  • Any chances Rondo wants to call himself out? Like, “You traded my pal without telling me, now trade me”?

  • Just listening to the show and I think it’s a little premature to say wether Murphy will “get it” or not. Our sample size is 1 week, he was signed on the 2nd and we’re discussing the Clippers game from the 9th. I’m not saying he will do well, but let’s give him a chance. Old dog, new tricks.