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Enemy Chatter: Mo Williams is a leader


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Los Angeles.

Mo Williams completely took over the leadership down the stretch. Even on the buckets he didn’t make, he assisted or was involved. When the Kevin Garnett made a (rare) jumper and brought the Celtics within three (86-83), Mo took a really high screen from DeAndre and drew the foul on Rondo as he heaved up a three point attempt, then Mo made all three free throws. When Paul Pierce drew the foul and made both free throws, pulling the Celtics within 4 (89-85), Mo Williams drilled a Randy Foye assisted corner three to get the game back up to seven. Mo assisted on Ryan Gomes corner three to put the game up 10 (97-87) and he dumped a pass off to DeAndre off the drive for a monster jam. All of this on top of the Lawler’s Law three.

ClipperBlog – Beatdown in Beantown

As if watching the Clippers beat the Celtics isn't bad enough, I had to witness the insufferbale Mo Williams lead the charge. To Mo's credit, I didn't see many theatrics. Maybe those antics left his repotoire when Lebron James left him standing at the altar in Cleveland.

Mo's effectiveness raises a larger issue – Rondo's man-to-man defense. Yes – I know I've harped on this part of his game for several years now. But there are times where Rondo's on the ball defense is atrocious.

Maybe I'm not smart enough to know that his positioning is part of the Celtics defensive scheme. I just know what I see… Rondo has the ability to be a lockdown one-on-one defender and he's not. He's still a free-wheeling gambler.

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  • There are 4 players that I have to beg for acid to be poured in my eyes every time I see them: Varejao, Gasol, Noah and Mo Williams. Can’t stand them and their pussy ass theatrics and “primal” yells.

  • Thanks for pointing out Rondos D once again, it needs to be said. I dont have a doubt in my mind that Rondo has checked out for either a)part of the rest of the regular season b)all of the regular season c) regular season and playoffs. Some folks were saying earlier hell get it back for the playoffs. I am not as confident. Clearly he is frustrated with the new signings. He can be a petulant bastard when he gets in these moods.
    Expect more of the same gamble-miss-stare defense until he gets his head together.
    Oh yeah and Mo is an insufferable douche.

  • It’s frustrating because like you said, he can be a shut down defender, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be. but he’s more interested in being a riverboat gambler and racking up steals and whatnot.
    Look at our playoff run last year, rondo had games against fisher, williams, nelson where he completely shut it down on D, and it ended up costing us a couple of games.
    Where it could really hurt us this year would be against D Rose and the Bulls. Because lets face it, Rose going off is the only way they have any chance of beating us. they have a total of two and a half offensive weapons and are a defense first team, problem is they still don’t play defense as well as us. But if rondo decides to guard rose say the way he defended russell westbrook earlier in the year, or the fat short white guy on the thunder that hit a game winner right in his face we might be in for a tough series

  • Ive been saying this for the past 3 years every1 is in love with and his game but theres so much that pisses me off about him its unbelievable. People say he blow by people but then he will NEVER FINISH STRONG( It’s always a flare lay up or a floater or a pass when he has a wide open layup). People say hes great at passing but then he gets way to FLASHY ALL THE TIME AND TRIES TO MAKE ONE HAND PASSES WHEN THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED. Poeple say he plays great D bc of the amount of steals he has but HE ALWAYS GETS BURNED BY POINT GUARDS GOING TO THE BASKET ( Not only do point guards go off against him all the time but most of the time he gets burned is actually shadowed bc of the celtics ability to help d if they were’t such a great help d team point guards would be dropping 40 -50 a game. I just don’t understand how people don’t point out his faults bc of his newfound stardom? Someone really just needs to be like HEY UR DOING ALL THIS WRONG STOP DOING IT and he’ll become a superstar

  • “When the Kevin Garnett made a (rare) jumper and brought the Celtics within three (86-83)….”
    There is so much stupidity in that one sentence.