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Recap: Clippers toy with Celtics

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

This was one of those games. Clippers 108 – Boston 103.

The Celtics put forth one of their worst efforts of the season and fell behind by 23 points in the 3rd quarter.

As expected, the Celtics clawed their way back. But each time they knocked on the door, the Clippers were there to slam it shut.

Mo Williams had 28 points, including two big three-pointers late in the 4th. Ryan Gomes had another back-breaking three ball. DeAndre Jordan, a 43% FT shooter, nailed two free throws with 15 seconds left that helped ice the game. Jordan had a beastly statline: 21 points (9-10 FG), 9 rebounds.

KG layed a ton of bricks: 5-19 FG. Nenad Krstic played very well: 20 points, 9 rebounds.

The lack of a bench (12 points) really hurt the Cs tonight. Jeff Green had 6 points in 23 minutes. Troy Murphy was scoreless in 5 minutes. Sasha Pavlovic had 2 points in 8 minutes. Carlos Arroyo was okay – 4 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists in 15 minutes.

The Celtics are now only 1.5 games ahead of Chicago for the top spot in the East.

Box score

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  • DRJ

    When Jordan blind-tipped a rebound that went sailing 7 feet into the basket, you knew Lady Luck had her daggers out for the Celtics tonight.
    Unconscious offense from Mo Williams. Just ridiculous. Gomes too, from deep,
    + KG and Green missing everything in the first half, and then some,
    + Plus a lot of bad, bad luck…
    ….adds up to a tough L.
    But the Cs’ defense in the 2nd half was terrific. All in all, given the horrible first half, I liked what we saw out there tonight. Arroyo was terrific, Krstic too, most of the other new guys played solid, tough D… and the Cs showed that even when the Fates are dead set against them, they’re right in there at the end.

  • You know Mo gets up for the C’s. It was so obvious from tip-off that the Clips were just so much more energized for this game. The C’s were asleep all night.…a..light. Thank God these games mean nothing. (other than losing ground in the homecourt race) Don’t feel too bad CelticNation-Clippers have now beat Hornets, Bulls and Spurs on the road, and the Heat & Lakers. Don’t jump off the Tobin yet.

  • beer me

  • I’m sorry, I just didn’t get the logic in the gameplan of seemingly forcing it to the coldest guy on the floor repeatedly. I don’t remember the last time KG took 19 Shots on a good night. A lot of standing around to by everyone; Rondo seems content getting burned by nobodies on defense and especially in transition. First Foye and now Lebrons sidekick. Too little too late tonight; Krstic was the only one up. Chalk it up to a bad night all around but these are the games that help solidify your chances at getting the first seed. :::Sigh:::

  • Note to Danny, feel free to steal either DeAndre Jordan or Taj Gibson when their deals come up.
    Tommy mentioned this tonite and I was thinking the same thing….Pavlovic isnt fat anymore.

  • Still waiting on that first fg for Murphy. With him being the ONLY big on the bench right now, how can he only be playing 5 min? I would have liked to have seen some of KGs 19 shots go to him.

  • Don’t Panic!
    C’s currently have 4 tired, overworked starters, 5 new players in “training camp” mode, and one rookie Doc doesn’t trust (AB). Getting back some healthy bodies will re-energize the troops. I know Rondo had 3 steals, but he looked tired on D. Mo Williams had open looks, and was able to get into the paint at will on the pick and roll. Arroyo looked good, and should be able to give Rondo a few minutes rest once he knows a few more plays. I thought Doc should have tried him on Mo.
    Murphy played 2 minutes, and looked gassed! I hope he’s on the treadmill right now. We desperately need another rebounder/defender in the paint until Baby and Shaq get back. The lane was open!
    Defense takes time to develop. There’s just no way to rush it- particularly when there’s zero practice time and 2 of your best bigs are out. If Celts are going to get the #1 seed, starters will have to get off to great starts. Boozer twisted an ankle tonight, but Buls ave east schedule rest of the way and might go 17-3.
    We should start a pool for what date/game Shaq will play. I have April 1 at the Hawks.

  • Should read: Bulls have easy schedule.

  • There’s a line missing from your report:
    Rondo was total and shocking crap all night long, the worst player on the floor. Offensively and difensively
    Mo Williams 28 points, it says all.

  • I’d change the title to “Celtics toy with Hometown Crowd”. The C’s have put up craptastic first halves various times this year only to lock it down over the final frame for a win. Gotta hand it to the Clippers for making shot after shot.
    I saw the Clipper feed and the commentators went crazy over Nads. They begged a Clipper, ANY Clipper to box him out. How cool would it be that the C’s willingness to alow him to do more work around the rim has encouraged him to board better? I hope that’s the case…I like Arroyo. If criteria is for him to provide 15 minutes without screwing up…Mission accomplished.

  • After two days off and at home, I expected a much bigger game from the green. That just sucked.

  • Embarrassing. Aggravating. Frustrating. Irritating. The only time the whole team played defense was in the third quarter. Deandre Jordan torched them because his defenders kept giving him the wrong defensive angles and letting him too close to the basket, often alone. Pierce, following the Rondo playbook, kept leaving Gomes and Rondo continued the Defensive Hall of Shame Tour. When you look up “the Luckiest Guy in the NBA” in the dictionary, the definition is whoever is lucky enough to be the guy Rondo is guarding. While he actually played a game in which he was only splattered on a few picks, getting up didn’t help. Mo Williams, except in the third quarter, roamed at full speed, wherever he wanted, as Rondo flailed vainly from behind, trying to get some Hook-From-Behind Steals. About six air…hooks. Carlos Arroyo was good though. A small glimmer in a sea of distress. I live in LA. I have to face the Lakers fans today…with nothing to say to defend my team. You can’t play defense for one quarter and expect to win. Can we say humiliating?