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Are the Big 3 playing too many minutes?

With the playoffs in the not-so-distant future, I thought it would be a good idea to examine the minutes played by the Celtics key players:           

                           2009-10       2010-11

Ray Allen              35.2             36.2

Rajon Rondo          36.6             37.9

Paul Pierce            34.0             34.9

Kevin Garnett         29.9             31.8

Glen Davis             17.3             29.4


For those mathematically challenged, Ray, Paul and Rajon are averaging one additional minute of playing time. KG's court time has increased 2 minutes per game. Glen Davis has jumped 12 minutes.

Wasn't a reduction of minutes in order for the Big 3 this season? Isn't that what we heard this off-season?

Yes and yes. Danny built a decent bench during the offseason. And when it was decimated by injuries, he constructed another bench mid-season.

I'm not sure Doc will be able to rest the guys much the rest of the way. With 21 games remaining they are only 2.5 games ahead of the Bulls for best record in the East. Catching San Antonion will be tough (4 games back), but I'd prefer they stay ahead of the Mavs (ahead by 1) and Lakers (ahead by 2). After watching the Cs lose Game 7 in LA, I'm a firm believer in playing until the end for home court advantage.

Are you concerned about the increase in minutes catching up to the Big 3?

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  • It’s fine although Rondo should be better protected considering he could be pouring in like 45 minutes per game in the post season.

  • um last june the vets looked a little tired. i’d be willing to sacrifice a few wins so the vets get their legs and feel rested

  • The reason for this? Injuries