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KG’s blog: ” We’ve got our guys, now time to get healthy”

From KG's Anta blog:

Just fought through a tough battle with Milwaukee in Milwaukee.  Got into town on Saturday night and JUST CHILLLED!!!!  Had dinner in the room and watched TV all night.  Nice to sit and unload from the week.  
Game was back and forth and we didn't take care of the ball.  Gotta be aggresive.  We over passed the ball last night and didn't take the shots that were there.  We did Execute down the stretch, so that's good.  New guys are finding their way and will get better and learn our system.  More new teammates for us.  Welcome Troy Murphy, Sasha P and now Carlos A.  We've got our guys, now time to get healthy and figure things out. 

Long flight back, so listened to my beats and looked around the web.  Back in Boston and OFF DAY TOMORROW!  Next game, Wed vs. Clippers.  Should be a good day tomorrow and back to the grind on Tuesday.

Nothing too groundbreaking here.  Although KG opening blogging about the new guys and getting them up to speed should erase any lingering doubt there might be out there about the team accepting new players at this point in the season.  

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