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Celtics @ Bucks G51 GreenLights

Jay March 8, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Celtics @ Bucks G51 GreenLights

Over the years, the Milwaukee Bucks have usually played the Celtics to tough games.  Most of those difficult games have been at Milwaukee regardless of how good of a team the Bucks are.  Sunday night was no different.  Playing at an odd time of 9pm on a Sunday night (thanks, ESPN) the C's were able to hold off the Bucks with a huge block by Kevin Garnett.  KG and Paul Pierce combined to be just enough to lead the Celtics to victory.

Pierce had a turn the clock back performance, capped off with another jump-out-of-your seat dunk.  His most impressive play came early on however, executing a perfect no-look pass over his shoulder to Nenad Krstic.  Speaking of Krstic, he continued his solid play, especially on offense.  Jeff Green played another decent game and Sasha Pavlovic played some solid defense and hit his first shot (a three-pointer) as a member of the Celtics.  Troy Murphy still hasn't made a shot, but had a nice pass to Ray Allen on a give-and-go.  Check out the GreenLights below:

Q1: KG gets the offense going with a Kevin McHale-esque move in the paint for two.  Other highlights include:

  • Rajon Rondo stepping into a jumper and knocking it down from the left wing
  • Pierce doin' work on Carlos Delfino in the post
  • Two good defensive sets, first forcing Brandon Jennings into a badly missed three, then Rondo intercepting a pass in the lane
  • Krstic with the offensive rebound off a Rondo miss, then the tough put-back lay-up
  • Krstic with another nice move in the post for two
  • Krstic with the deep jumper for two
  • Pierce's incredible no-look pass to Krstic
  • Good post defense by Krstic, forcing the miss by Johnathan Brockman
  • Green with the fall-away baseline jumper over Delfino
  • Four good defensive trips: a missed Delfino three, forcing a bad floating attempt by Jennings, Rondo deflecting a pass out of bounds, and Green blocking a Corey Maggette drive
  • Murphy feeding Krstic down low for another basket
  • Rondo blowing by Jennings, then tossing the alley-oop lay-up to Krstic
  • Pierce gets a piece of Delfino's baseline three, allowing Green to get out on the break and lay it in
  • Team defense clogging the paint, forcing Jennings into another bad attempt
  • Pierce, trying to draw contact on a three, jumps over the line and drills it


Q2: The second quarter gets started with some nice defense by Avery Bradley's steal off of Keyon Dooling.  Other highlights include:

  • Green working from the post, finds a cutting Murphy who draws the foul, gets to the line and makes both free throws
  • Ray Allen curls off a Floppy option, but spots KG at the last second and passes it to him for a lay-up
  • Solid defense, highlighted by Pavlovic's steal
  • KG breaking up a fast break by the Bucks, then Krstic taking a charge (should have been a block)
  • Pierce sneaking in for a quick lay-up off a baseline out of bounds play
  • Rondo with a steal, then passing to Ray on the 2-on-1 fast break for the lay-up
  • Ray and Rondo combining on a steal off a Jennings turnover
  • Pierce finding KG on the baseline for the jumper
  • Pierce spinning in the lane for a beautiful two points
  • KG with the post-entry denial, then stealing the pass
  • Krstic passing out of the post to KG for a long two
  • KG with another steal in the post
  • Team defense stopping the Bucks from scoring at the end of the half


Q3: The second half begins with Pierce drilling a step-back jumper over Delfino.  Other highlights include:

  • Solid 24-seconds of defense, forcing a missed John Salmons three, which Ray rebounds and flips a behind the back pass to get the fast break going… Pierce gives it to Krstic who gets fouled and makes both free throws
  • KG gets fouled in the post, makes both free throws
  • KG passing out of the double-team in the post to Ray who drills a baseline three
  • Pierce getting the left hand up on Delfino's jump shot forcing the miss that Rondo rebounds
  • KG with the fade-away jumper in the post for two
  • Pierce doin' work on Maggette in the post, hitting the fade-away jumper for two and the foul… he makes the free throw
  • Pierce's rim rocking jam
  • Pierce stripping Maggette's jumper on the way up, creating the turnover
  • Pierce finds Krstic underneath, who gets fouled and makes one of two free throws
  • Solid defense forcing a missed jumper by Larry Sanders, then Pierce with the nice dish to Krstic for the lay-up
  • Krstic with more solid low post defense, forcing the travel, then forcing the missed jumper that gets deflected out of bounds
  • Green working the post, hitting a jump hook over Dooling
  • Bradley with the steal off of Jennings
  • Bradley finding Green who makes a nice move in the post for two
  • Solid defense forcing a missed three by Jennings
  • Murphy finding Ray on the give-and-go for two and a foul… Ray makes the free throw


Q4: The final stanza gets started with the defense forcing a 24-second violation.  Other highlights include:

  • More defense forcing another missed Jennings three
  • Ray finding Pavlovic for his first basket (a three) in a Celtics uniform
  • Green with the nice box-out, forcing the over-the-back offensive foul
  • KG finding Ray for a left wing three
  • Nice deflection on defense, forcing the turnover
  • Pierce checking into the game, getting booed loudly
  • Rondo blazing his way to the hoop for the lay-up
  • Rondo stealing the ball from behind Jennings, then breaking away for the lay-up in transition
  • Good 24 seconds of defense, forcing an air-balled jumper by Salmons
  • Rondo finding Green in the corner for a three
  • KG picking up Jennings on a switch, forcing the bad lay-up attempt and grabbing the rebound
  • Ray drilling the jumper off a Floppy play, breaking an 82-82 tie to take the lead
  • Pierce stealing it from Jennings in the lane, causing the turnover
  • 24 seconds of defense, forcing the shot clock violation after Delfino's missed three
  • Rondo knocking it away from Jennings again, then Jennings misses a baseline jumper that KG snares
  • KG with a huge baseline jumper over Brockman for two
  • Fantastic clutch team defense, highlighted by KG's huge block on Mbah a Moute's lay-up attempt
  • Pierce cutting to the basket off an inbounds play, making the lay-up and getting fouled… he would make the free throw to ice the game


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