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Shaq says he’s 85%

"[The Celtics] want me back at 100 percent," said O'Neal. "I tried to run on it the other day, felt pretty good, but afterwards we kind of took a step back, so hopefully in a few days, in a week or so, I'll be back."

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I'll be honest, I don't know what to think anymore.  One day I think it's not realy a big deal and he could play if this was the playoffs… and the next I feel like his leg will fall off if he came within 10 feet of the court.  I guess we'll have to wait and see. 

On an unrelated note, congrats to Paul Pierce who was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week

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  • We’re just resting him, it’s as simple as that.
    It works better for us right now anyway, Krstic and Murphy all get additional minutes to get them up to (Celtics) game speed extra quick, and Shaq gets to be 100% and less likely to pick up another injury when he returns. Beneficial for all…

  • I don’t see why people are panicking. It’s good to see Krstic and Murphy get more minutes to get the hang of the Celtics tactics while Shaq rests up some more to reach 100%.
    We’ll have a healthy Shaq AND have two great players who knows how to play with the rest of the team.

  • Im leaning towards agreeing with both of you guys, in a decidedly uneasy fashion.

  • I’m Not worried either. We’re playing fine without him, let him get as close to 100% as possible… The schedule is rather easy or at least should be and it allows for the other Bigs to get familiar with the system. I think it’s working great!

  • Shit, he was 85% on his best days earlier in the season. I am a bit worried, the sooner he gets back and aclimated against these crappy teams, the sooner he’ll be ready for real games.
    JO should just get his ass out there right now. Just think of it as his last hald season of basketball. At this point, it would be a godsend if he could get back and actually contribute. The guy should be able to do that on memory alone. But if he gets to where he can even give then 10 minutes a game, hit a jumper, block a shot, give a hard foul or two etc….he would definitly make the playoff roster.

  • Serious, whats the big deal? This is classic shaq… These games are meaningless in the grand scheme of things for him… We dont need him that bad right now.. he will play the last 6 games of the regular season to get in shape for the playoffs then all systems go.

  • Just resting Shaq so his body doesn’t take pounding of full NBA season. Same as they did waiting to sign PJ Brown. As long as Shaq is ready for playoffs, why throw him out early so he has a chance of really getting hurt.
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