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Other ethnic jerseys the NBA should make

El heat los bulls

The NBA has been outfitting its teams in special Spanish-themed uniforms over the past few years.  They returned over the past few days, as you can tell from last night's Heat/Bulls game.  Somehow, they decided against using jerseys with actual Spanish names like "San Antonio" and "Los Angeles"… but that's another story. 

Why should Spanish fans be the only ones to get their own special jersey?  The NBA is a global sport with global representatives in the league.  So we thought we'd give the NBA some suggestions for other ethnic jerseys they should make.

GORTAT sitting





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  • dude funny as all get out, you are not right

  • Someone ought to tell the NBA that there’s a Spanish word for “bull” and “heat”

  • With Big-Z, Songaila or L.Kleiza (LTU) you can take: Heatai, Raptorsai, 76eriai 😉

  • rai

    They need to make one for the Philippines as well. Though Sadly the Philippines’ only contibution to the NBA is erik spoelstra.

  • With this campaign, the NBA uses what the hispanic community in the respective areas of the team call said teams. Spanish-speaking people in the chicago area call their team “Los Bulls;” not “Los Toros”

  • no, I’m really not

  • Los Celtiquitos!!

  • Celts = Erin Go Raahrrrrrs. For KG anyway….

  • Really? Well, I stand corrected. Good job, NBA. I always thought the jerseys looked a little silly with the mixed English and Spanish, but if that’s what the Spanish-speaking fans call the teams, that’s cool.

  • The Toronto “Raptors-eh”