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Enemy Chatter: Rondo was repeatedly lazy

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Milwaukee.

Rajon Rondo appeared to be sleepwalking through most of Sunday’s game, but still managed a key four points and four assists in the fourth quarter.  He’d finish with just six and eight respectively for the game, but the real indictment of his play was the eight turnovers he lost.  He was repeatedly lazy and nonchalant with his passes and Milwaukee isn’t the kind of team that typically allows for that.


Not only was Rajon lazy with his passes, but his perimeter defense was awful. He wasn't alone. For 45 minutes, the Celtics let the Bucks penetrate into the paint. Fortunately they were able to clamp down in the final 3 minutes.

Rondo didn't appear to be injured, so I'm not sure what was wrong.

On Page 2, claims that KG took a swipe at Brandon Jennings.

Granted, neither team was anywhere near full strength tonight, and the Bucks probably wouldn't see the Celtics start the fourth quarter with an Avery Bradley/Ray Allen/Sasha Pavlovic/Jeff Green/Troy Murphy lineup in a playoff game. And both teams look a lot different than the ones that faced off in an overtime Boston victory in early-November. But a potential Bucks/Celtics playoff series could offer possible competitiveness and guaranteed chippiness — as two close games and continued Kevin Garnett antics (he sort of punched/forearmed Brandon Jennings at the end of one play tonight) suggest.


I thought I watched the whole game, but somehow I missed KG's punch/forearm to Jennings. I did see the two of them bump into one another before a timeout.

Did anyone see this alleged punch?

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  • ask him for advice in june on how rondo should play

  • He’s right about Rondo’s defense though. He’s been lazy on defense most of this season and last. Watch him on the perimeter. He repeatedly drops 5-6 feet off of the offensive player to guard no one. He stands straight up and is repeatedly picked off. You’d think he would rather expend the energy staying right up with his man with his knees bent all the time, rather than be splattered in the chest of every power forward in the league. You can’t just save the effort for June. Someone needs to make him watch what he’s doing on the video and get him to pick it up. Right now, he gets his teammates in foul trouble and every guy he guards has his season high when we play them. He forces everyone else on the team to have to help him out too often. He’s great at steals but that’s not the most important part of defense. It’s stopping your man from scoring or, at least, making him work much harder to get what he wants to do. Let’s just hope he reads this before Randy Foye (who?) torches him for another 32 on Wednesday.

  • is this the same rondo who was nominated for defensive player of the year last year.. can that be right? geesh we can’t win with lazy slouch’s- while his stock is high lets trade him!

  • Rondo’s 1st team all defense was always dubious. I don’t think consistently getting stuck to picks because you rely on your long arms to poke the ball away from behind (1 out of maybe 10 times this works) means your great defensively. He reminds me of Iverson or Larry Hughes, who always gambled for the steal first.
    Also, I don’t think Rondo respects Jennings, which contributed to his crap effort.

  • I love the Celtics and have been a fan since long before Rondo was a gleam in his father’s eye. I was outraged by his nomination to the all defense team. Hook steals are not defense. At least this year, he has been getting a lot more legitimate steals by stepping into the passing lanes. But don’t let yourself be fooled by some dumb people’s votes in a popularity contest. I don’t care who it was that voted. Look what happens, over and over again. Tape the next game and rewind the tape and just watch Rondo on defense. He’s usually roaming between the free throwline and the top of the key while his man is on the wing 5 feet away. When the ball shifts to his man, he suddenly rushes over to him and then gets squashed on every pick and roll set. Think about what Derek Rose did to him the last time. He’s literally the fastest guy on the court, so why is he always chasing his man from behind? First rule of defense for a guard – bend your knees, get your weight forward on your toes, slide side-to-side and always, always, always try to stay between your man and the basket. Pierce, Tony Allen and James Posey were able to do this most of the time guarding Kobe. Since Rondo is as quick as anyone, why can’t he seem to do this with anyone? I don’t know if he’s lazy or just thinks he knows it all, but the proof is there. How many times does Baby or KG or Perk (formerly) get in foul trouble trying to stop his man at the basket? How many opposing players have their season high when he guards them? I went to the recent Celtics-Clippers game in LA (I’m a transplanted Boston native born and bred on Celtic green) and I spent as much time yelling at Rondo as I did at the refs in the first half of the game. Randy Foye (who again?) was leaving him like a swimming sprinter racing someone with an anchor on his ankle. I hate to be this harsh about a player who I often love to root for. But we’re not LA fans where every bad thing our players do is excused as part of Phil’s master plan. Celtics fans love their team and know the game. The Truth is not only Paul Pierce but it’s the truth, as well.