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Your Morning Dump… Where the new guys need to buy in

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“They’ve got to get out of their [old] habits, wherever they’ve been,” Rivers said, referring clearly to Jeff Green,Sasha PavlovicTroy Murphy and Nenad Krstic. “We don’t [practice] long but we play with intensity, play hard. You just see some of their habits and some of their habits have to change. It will. It’s just going to take time.”

[…] "A lot of pros practice and they think practice is leisure and we don’t believe that here. It’s quick here but it’s hard. When you have your starters, who are playing 35 minutes [a game] going hard and you have your second unit going in cruise control, that’s not going to settle well with me.”

WEEI: Doc to new reserves: We don't practice off so you better be ready

Welcome to Boston, fellas… and welcome to why things are different here. 

Oh, and if you've got an issue with practicing hard, take it up with our chief STFU officer, Mr. Kevin Garnett.  

Life is different here in Boston.  That's not to say this is the only team that practices this hard.  But if so many new guys come in here and suddenly realize "oh crap, practice is serious here," then clearly its not the rule around the league. 

Adding five new guys to the mix is a test of the power of this locker room.  In the past, guys have come in and been indoctrinated into the "Celtics" way of doing things.  Not too hard to do with one or two new acquisitions.  With five… it'll be interesting.  I'm not afraid, though.  The leadership in that locker room is too strong.  But it will be tested, no doubt.

I can't wait to hear what Carlos Arroyo has to say about how Miami handles itself.  THAT is the question I want answered.  I'll bet money on hearing something about it being a lot more casual. 

And raise your hand if you said to yourself "That's what she said" after reading "It's quick here, but it's hard."  Uh huh…. almost all of you.  Just like I thought.  Soooo… immature. 

Heh heh… that's awesome.

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(Video courtesy: Mike Petraglia)

On Page 2: KG blogs about need to get the new guys up to speed and blowing big leads

Every where I turn, there is a new player who needs to learn the plays or find out where the court is. We've made some interesting moves, so we'll see how the season turns out. I like some of the looks that we can give and we have a deeper bench now. We have to get these guys healthy and get ready for this playoff run.

Golden State came to town and I felt like I was in a track meet. The Western Conference tends to get up and down real quick and not play defense. We had the Phoenix on Wed, so they have similar styles. The game started out quick and we scored 60 on them in the first half. We limited what they could do, but Monta Ellis went off. The second unit will start to mess together, but don't have the time together yet. Von gave us a lift and then he pulled a calf, so add him to the list of players who need to get healthy. The same situation happened again. We had a big lead, but let them back in. Again, we held them off, but we can't be doing that.      

Open practice in the morning and then off to Milwaukee. Haven't played them yet this year, so we'll see what they have. I'm out!

KG's Anta Blog

Yes, KG, you've got to stop letting teams get back into games after you get a big lead.  Please, stop letting that happen.  

I love how every guy will say "we can't be doing that"… yet they still be doing that.  

Stop saying it.  Start doing it.


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  • We have played milwaukee this year. When pierce hit number 20,000.
    Who are you guys rooting for in the big day games today.
    I want Miami over Chicago because of miami’s schedule they can get another w in the win column I still don’t see them catching us unless we start losing all these games when we let the over team back in. And I’ll hope for spurs over lakers. I could really go for seeing the lakers walk off the court disappointed. Plus I don’t see us catching the spurs so I’m just gunna hope for home court over LA.

  • Call me crazy, but I’m confident the Cs will take the top spot in the East. So I’m rooting for whatever lands Chicago the 2 and Miami the 3rd seed.

  • I guess I’m still holding out hope that the Spurs will go on a bit of a bad run, so tough to pick them…Miami v. Chicago – is it bad to cheer for an explosion in both locker rooms?