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This week in KG

RedsArmyAdmin March 6, 2011 Uncategorized 1 Comment on This week in KG

KG holds pierce

After conferring for 10 minutes, the referees decided that throwing Paul Pierce at David Lee constitued a flagrant 1 on KG

Kg yelling under hoop

With even Lucky the Mascot out with injury, KG wows he crowd by not only dunking off a trampoline, but sending his entire body through the hoop

Kg and al jefferson

Look man, don't make me look stupid by being the only one dancing to YMCA.  

Kg strangling baby
When asked to testify in Garnett’s murder trial, a very nervous looking Lawrence Frank insisted he didn’t see anything

Kg hugs pierce 2
KG is so happy Paul Pierce passed scowl training

Photos courtesy: Getty Images, Associated Press, Reuters

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