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Recap: Celtics win despite craptastic effort

That was 2 1/2 hours of my life I wish I could have back. The Celtics edged the Bucks 89-83 in one of the ugliest basketball games you'll ever see.

The good: Paul Pierce's 23 points (8-13 FG), 4 rebounds, 4 assists and one vicious dunk in the 3rd quarter (see above). Kevin Garnett's 14 points, 11 rebounds, 3 steals and one monsterous, game-saving block on Luc Richard Mbah a Moute.

The bad: Rajon Rondo (6 points, 8 assists and 8 turnovers). He was flat-out awful.

Other observations:

The Celtics started out very flat. Milwaukee jumped out to a 20-10 lead in the 1st quarter. Doc Rivers called time out and whatever he said to motivate the boys.. worked. The Cs closed the quarter on a 17-6 run. Nenad Krstic had 12 of his 17 points

The Cs 2nd/3rd unit is painful to watch… especially Avery Bradley. You know it's bad when John is comparing him to a "smaller, not-crazy Tony Allen." The Celtics mustered just 4 points in the first 7 minutes of the quarter. Milwaukee took a 49-46 lead into the half.

The Celtics allowed just 34 points in the 2nd half.

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  • To be fair, Bradley is young and can change. But he was out of control offensively but decent defensively.
    His jumper looks a million times better than TA’s… so there’s hope

  • UGGGGLY. But the C’s did execute when it really mattered. How about Krstic with those 17 points and Green played great also. Murphy on the other hand…I can’t use the whole “he hasn’t played since Jan 4th” defense much longer. Let’s hope he can handle the big market of Boston…

  • Can we still trade Bradley for Rudy Fernandez? :/ just kidding… or… am I?

  • Loved Jeff Green tonite. But yeah that was ugly, especially watching them pull all those offensive boards WITHOUT Bogut. The big 4 played tough when it mattered.

  • Will like to say offensively, I didnt expect much from the 2nd unit tonight, but defensively they were GREAT all night, they never gave up a lead, and they extended one in the 3rd frame, Sasha hit his first BIG shot tonight, that 3 he hit late in the 4th quarter was huge, I continue to be impressed by Nenad (Stitch) and Green, they look so good with us, Captain Pierce was awesome, I’ll be glad when Arroyo or West return, cause Rondo was flat out horrible tonight, aint no sugar coating that, They came out with no energy, you can see them on the BENCH, not talking, smiling, as if they didnt want to play, but they turned it on in the 4th and that made all the difference… The Celtics are quietly on a 5-game win streak, now lets keep it going vs. Clips on Wednesday. By the way, Troy is almost to that dead-line, he still hasn’t proven to me that he’s good enough, he’s starting to make me wonder, Avery defensively is solid, but he clearly got some learning to do… On the up-side, Rondo, Allen, and KG all didnt play no more than 34 mins, Pierce played 37, but I think thats cause he clearly had fresh legs tonight…. #TeamCeltics, let keep the streak going…

  • we’ll be recharged on wend at vs the clips- doc gets day of practice and the rest of march looks like smooth sailing

  • Bradley’s defense on jennings in the second half was pretty damn good. considering he was blowing by rondo at will in the first. Boys are looking fine, going to continue to progress as the new additions get more comfortable in the system. Wins a win, had they lost id ask for the 2 1/2 hours back.

  • Rondo’s on ball defense frustrated me tonight. He was hot-dogging it out there, especially in the first half and Jennings made him pay. Lackluster effort

  • Rondo has been having turnover problems all season. At one point, I believe he was leading the league in both assists and turnovers.  He’s taking more chances with dangerous passes and paying the price.
      The last two games, at times Rondo as looked as though he was walking on egg shells, lacking some of his usual quickness.  Tonight he took off one if his shoes during a brief stint on the bench . I wonder if his foot problems are flaring up again?  If you’re Half a step slow,  passes get deflected or stolen.  It will help when Delonte gets back so Doc can cut back on Rondo and Ray’s minutes. 
       In the long run, having Curly and Green will help reduce his turnovers because they have great hands and can really catch.
      I say give Rondo a break (literally), and he’ll be just fine. Hopefully, Doc will convince him to be more careful with the ball in the playoffs.
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  • Boston continues to find ways to win and with some weird line ups. Think of who they won with. Aside from the Big Four and a rookie point guard Doc had no one fully familiar with his schemes. Sure it’s against a deplete Bucks, but it was in Milwaukee.
    Favorite part of the game was the ending (I know that sounds sarcastic but read on). As ESPN faded out the broadcast as viewers we were treated to KG’s crunch time jumper, Pierce’s driving dunk, and a Ray Allen three-pointer. Each superstar showing off their greatness. It got me thinking how blessed as fans we are to have these guys even if slightly past their primes.

  • When I commented on Rondo NOT being an elite defender after the Clippers game, one of the fans here said I must have been watching a different game. After all, he was on the all defense team and is second in steals. I pointed out that some guy named Randy Foye (a person no one ever heard of before and won’t hear of again, most likely) burned him for 32. Then, that was followed by Monta Ellis torching mostly him for 41. Now, tonight, Brandon Jennings was running past him over and over again. He is said to be stubborn. Yeah, that must be true. You have to TRY to stay so far away from the guy you’re supposed to be guarding that you get picked off of every pick and everyone has their big game of the season against YOU. Most of the time he’s guarding the floor, 6 feet from the guy he is supposed to be guarding. Then, when his man gets by him, the other Celtic on the back side of the pick-and-roll has to pick him up or Rondo’s man is scoring at will. He NEVER gets in front of the picks. (Well, he finally did in a lot of the playoff games last year). It drives me nuts. And the turnovers tonight. Argghh! At least he finished off a fast break by scoring a driving basket instead of slowing down at the basket and waiting for Ray to follow him to give an unncessary assist. Love-hate-love-hate. And that all defense pick is a travesty. He led the league in steals and also in points given up. And Dwight Howard led the league in blocks but who did he ever stop from scoring in the game? They’re not Bill Russell and KC or Cowens and Havlicek or Chief and DJ. They’re all stats and not much substance. Defense is grunt work. I need to see some sweat.

  • Rondo’s on the ball defense is sporadic… To me its the most frustrating part of his game because he’s quick enough to stay in front of everyone in this league.

  • Yes. That’s it! That’s why I have a love/hate relationship with him. He is as fast as anyone in the league, so why can’t he bend his knees and get down on defense right in front of the offensive player using that same speed. Does he only want to put the effort out when he gets to guard Lebron once in a decade?

  • James Eisenman, that was me & you in that discussion last week after the clippers game about Rondo’s defense, and you are totally right, I’ve been watching over the last week, and he doe’s cheat alot on defense, and cant never get around a pic, but he could be favoring his hamstring, and I’ve only noticed it as of late, He’s been very ignorant and nonchalant about how he’s been playing lately…. And I believe thats due to a lack of rest, but I will admit you are totally right about the cheating on Defense, and I admit I was wrong, you do know what you’ve been looking at, but Do you really think its the worst part to his game besides free-throws? I still cant totally agree with that….

  • In my opinion, there are four major weaknesses in Rondo’s game. If he could fix them, his number will definitely be in the rafters. His strong points are tremendous. The weaknesses are 1) Horrific free throw shooting; 2) Poor man-to-man defense, as I’ve gone on and on about; 3) Erratic mid-range jump shooting (He’s starting to improve there); 4) Sporadic laziness in his passes. He also slows the game down sometimes when I think he should bring it all the way to the basket and get himself and others open. He’s a tremendous interior passer and sees the court great. But his flaws are all fixable with practice. It doesn’t come from wishing you can do it. Larry was a 90+% free throw shooter but he shot hundreds a day, before and after practice. Ray Allen is at the arena 4 hours before every game. Rondo should be down at the other end of the floor. He may very well be hurting but this is crunch time. Time to suck it up and finish out the season on a roll. They need him. I realized how much they have all come to depend on him when Nate or Ray tried to be point guards when Rondo was out. The team played like a clogged drain most of that time or the ball was turned over. They need him but he needs to correct these flaws so that he can make the Hall of Fame, like the Big Three will and the Thirty-Three Celtics already there.

  • Agreed with James, Those passes on the BREAK gets on my ever lasting nerves, especially when he clearly has a point blank lay-up, and then he stop to reset, to get the assist, then he wonders why 2sec is left on the shotclock once he’s ready to do something, thats been the most annoying part to his game this season, he’s over-passing, its rediculous, it’s one of the reasons we league leaders in turnovers….