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Eye on the enemy, featuring Bulls in South Beach

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Its time to start focusing on the playoffs and our potential roadblocks to Banner 18.  Every day we'll bring you what's making news in enemy territory.  This way we know what they're up to when it comes time to take 'em out.


Bulls logoBlog a Bull: About the only thing that can stop the Bulls right now is South Beach… I am not trying to imply that the "talents" of South Beach will get in our Bulls' way. I'm fearful of South Beach itself! It's been proven that South Beach gives the Heat an automatic 10-point advantage when teams come into town. It's true! Young millionaires traveling on the company dime cannot resist a nightlife full of buzz, booze, and boobs

Chicago Tribune: "Of course," Noah said, when asked [about playing Miami]. "It's going to be exciting. But there's no need to put added pressure on yourself. Everybody knows this is a big game. You control what you can control and worry about things like defensive transition."

Heat logo Peninsula is Mightier: They've lost the biggest games of the season. Spoes has been flat out out-coached. He runs simple offensive sets, there isn't near enough the amount of movement needed to create gaps/spaces. He does not have what it takes to command the respect and discipline from his players. 

Miami Herald: What is wrong with the Heat? Nothing except an inability to reach inflated expectations so far. Orlando made 16 of 29 threes; Miami made 3 of 17. Those numbers even out over a seven-game series
Magic logoOrlando Magic Daily : Howard said his teammates understand what he is doing and his frustration. He said there has to be some consequence when he is still getting fouled even after the whistle has blown. And if the referees are not going to do anything, Howard said he would. Not in a violent way or anything, but he has to protect himself.

Orlando Sentinel: The former point guard known as "The Glove" added that it is ultimately Dwight Howard's decision and if it were him, he'd "test the market." But "The Glove" also said that if Orlando offers Dwight Howard a great deal, "take it."    


Spurs logo Project Spurs: (Q&A) Spurs won the first two meetings this season. Will the Spurs clinch the regular season series today or will the Lakers get the win at the AT&T Center?  Lakers are on a roll and the Spurs are bound to lose at home sometime, right? I'll pick the Lakers in a close one and everyone will declare for at least one week that the Lakers are back.

My San Antonio: the Spurs — with apologies to the surging Dallas Mavericks — still consider L.A. to be the Western Conference’s measuring stick. The Lakers, 44-19 overall, are undefeated (6-0) since sliding into the All-Star break on a three-game losing streak.“They’re the best team until you take their title away,” McDyess said.

Mavs logo

Mavs Money Ball: Fans are in a state of panic based on the roller coaster performances and the minutes played statistic. Those same fans probably needed to be talked off the ledge when they hear Coach Rick Carlisle speak on Beaubois' situation. "If his play warrants more minutes," Carlisle said, "he'll play more minutes."

 Dallas News: Since beginning their 18-1 run on Jan. 22, the Mavericks have gained 4 1/2 games on the Spurs. So it would take a similarly torrid pace during the regular season’s final five weeks — and help from San Antonio — to steal the No. 1 playoff seed.

Lakers logo LA Times: The Lakers are about to embark on perhaps the most important week of their regular season.  They will play four playoff-bound teams over the next seven days on the road, teams that are talented and competitive.  Three of the teams are among the NBA elite, teams that many believe have a legitimate chance at winning the championship. Two of the teams are ahead of them in the Western Conference

Forum Blue & Gold: Where the Lakers have been struggling in the past couple of games is on offense. Against both the Timberwolves and the Bobcats the Lakers had little luck hitting shots from the outside and didn’t show enough of a commitment to getting the ball to Gasol and Bynum in the post to compensate

Okc logo NewsOK: Perkins is a gritty player, a rugged defender and a fierce rebounder. That much you already know, Thunder fans. What you may not realize about the recently acquired center is that he's more than a furrowed brow and a steely glare. After a week during which the Thunder made Perkins its center of the foreseeable future with a four-year contract extension, it's time to get to know the man behind the scowl. To understand who Perkins is, you have to know how he became the world's tallest altar boy.

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  • I like this idea…but why not do eyes on enemy for upcoming opponents (up to 3-5 days before facing them depending on their notoriety)? When you consider the West the C’s will only face one of them in Finals so do 1-2 upcoming opponents + Heat/Bulls/Magic? Oh and I suppose enemy number one the Minneapolis…er…Los Angeles Lakers…