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Your Morning Dump… Ray didn’t look hurt to me


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"I just had a little bit of soreness in there that I worked through over the last day-and-a-half," he said. "Coming in this morning, it felt similar and I was kind of taking it hour-by-hour and seeing how it felt when I got down here. And when I got down here, it felt better.”

Allen did not practice on Thursday and came to the TD Garden prepared to sit out. His gray suit, he pointed out, was not a fashion statement.

"This morning I just came in and got treatment and just tried to play it by ear,“ he said. “That's why I have a suit on, in case I was on the bench. I honestly thought when I came down here, there might be a chance. But I came down here as usual to be ready to play.”


I hope Ed Lacerte has enough magic healing powder to last at least for one more game. The Celtics are really thin at the 2 spot. Von Wafer is going to miss a few days with a calf strain and Delonte is still a few days away.

Ray is a medical marvel. I still cannot believe his health was a concern when Danny Ainge pulled off the draft day deal in 2007.

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On Page 2, Jeff Green is not a fan of Boston's tunnels.

“I got lost (driving),” said Green, who was traded to our fair city just last week. “It wasn’t fun. I got lost for like 35 minutes downtown trying to find my way. I know, it’s sad, right? I got a car and I just tried to get familiar with the area. I took the wrong exit. When you get in those tunnels, it’s not fun. I don’t know where I was at, but my iPhone helped me out, and the GPS.”

Fans will forgive his lane changes as long as he finds his way to the Garden on game nights.

The driving, and the pull-up jumpers, were relatively easy last night. Green made eight of his 11 shots and all five of his free throws on the way to 21 points in the Celts’ 107-103 victory against Golden State.

Herald – Jeff Green finding his way around town

If you insist on driving around the city, don't bother with a GPS. Odds are… it's going to lead you down a street that no longer exists or you'll be rerouted by one of Boston's permanent detours.

I'll bet Jeff Green figures out the Celtics defensive rotation scheme long before he grasps the downtown traffic pattern.

As for his offensive performance last night… Can you remember the last time the Celtics had such an athletically gifted and talented bench player? They've had some great role players, but no one like Green.

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  • On offense, maybe… On D, he got worked by pretty much everyone last night..
    I know Monta can go off for 40 on any given night, but random guys were scoring on Ray last night too. I was worried until I remembered he had the sore leg.

  • It has been ages since the C’s had someone with that kind of game and it is so fun to watch. Like Jdot said, he was almost setting picks for them when he was on D. He took KG out of his rotation and caused a 3 second. Hopefully he’ll come around because his athleticism is incredible.
    Nothing but sympathy for him driving around the hamster tunnels.