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Shaq’s out Wednesday… anyone concerned?

Danny Ainge doesn't seem to be worried.  Doc Rivers doesn't seem to be worried.  But… should we be worried?  Or are they just being excessively cautious with Shaq?

My needle has been at "I'm not worried at all" for a while… but I'm not gonna lie…. the needle is starting to move.  Probably because the Perk trade put a little added importance on Shaq being healthy.  

So.. is anyone concerned?

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  • Im not worried, but I think it is so annoying that we cant get rid of this injury bug….. that part aggravates me, but it don’t worry me, deep down inside, I believe if this were the play-offs, Shaq would be playing….

  • Nope.

  • The only thing that worries me is that the story has changed. First it was the hip, now a foot? Maybe I’ve not been paying close attention, but when did his foot get hurt. Also, the whole thing that just played out w/Nate really tells us that we only know what the C’s tell the media. Nate’s knee was so bad that he needed arthoscopic surgery. He says it was hurting for a while. Now did we not know because he didn’t tell anyone? Or because the team didn’t release that info to the media? Who knows…

  • Achiles injuries are notoriously tough to shake and easy to reinjure. It makes sense to be cautious, but there’s only 20 games remaining and I’m getting nervous. Can we get by two rounds of playoffs without him? Opponents right now would be Indy in first round and? In second.
    Come on, big fella- we need you!

  • It’s been an “Achiles injury” for several weeks.

  • Gotcha..I do remember hearing that..

  • To depend on the O’Neals is a foolish proposition. Besides, Shaq was just fouling people before he got hurt. What good is he besides eating up 20 mins a game?

  • Well Nate did hurt himself vs. LA before All-Star break, and from that moment, Nate hardly played any minutes, even when we blew out New Jersey, he only cracked like 7 minutes, so I think they knew, but they wanted to TRADE, or rest him once West got back…. But remember Nate say “Im good, I’ll be alright” I dont think the team looked any more in to it given we had limited bodies any way…. And Shaq foot injury occurred around the time he fell on the way in to practice in early February if I remember right… So Nate hurt himself 3 games before All-Star break, played only 2mins vs. Miami, 7mins vs. New Jersey, and after All-Star break vs. Golden State he hardly played again since West was back, so I think they knew, but they had to do what they had to do, and they did tell us that Nate bruised his knee… So no I dont believe they’re hiding anything, but being very cautious with Shaq, he has grown to be a very important piece to this team, and I recommended they keep being very cautious…

  • Do you not know that all we need from Shaq is about 20 mins? Baby, and Jeff are playing the Starter’s minutes, plus Nenad can eat up 15-20 mins himself…. 20 mins is just right from Shaq..

  • He can’t play 20 mins if he immediately has 2 fouls or is hurt.

  • Looks like it just happend, Arroyo is a Celtic. Whatever, West will see more time when he is healthy and Rondo is still young. I just hope we can give CJ another chance at different time.

  • Yeah looks like it’s done.
    I don’t trust any of the injury reports, hopefully he can pull it together in time.

  • what is your source? not an accusation I am just looking for a place to get good up to date stuff

  • Well duhh if he’s in foul trouble or hurt he cant play 20 mins, but you asked “what good is he besides eating 20 mins?” and Im telling you thats all we need him for, if he’s in foul trouble, or hurt, then that makes things tougher, if not, then 20 mins is all we need…. Thats all I’m saying…. I wasn’t speaking from terms of him being injured, or in foul trouble….

  • Arroyo has reached terms with the Celtics, and pending Physicals, he should be with the team in Milwaukee as early as tonight….

  • Boston Herald

  • I AM worried.. 🙁

  • Hi KWAPT,
    I enjoy reading (and hearing) your comments.  I think we're (mostly) in agreement about the team we love. Now, if Celts can only get back Shaq and Delonte…
    I'm not a big Arroyo fan, but I think he will be serviceable in short minutes.
    Who are you worried about most in the East? I think it's the Bulls.
    In the West?  Both the Mavs and the Spurs are tough and generally injury free. Parker was supposed to be out 3 weeks and he missed just 2 games. Delonte has played 8 games all season…
    Spurs are deep and scary.  Wouldn't it be nice if Murphy shot as well from the 3 as Bonner (or even close)?
    Mavs are tough even without Caron.
    Hope it doesn't come to this, but could Celts win 2 rounds without Shaq?
    All the best,
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  • I would be worried if Orlando series starts tomorrow. Till then I’m fine

  • I think its fairly obvious what they are doing. Shaq has been playing in the league for years, is it likely that he is gonna forget how to play? I am sure he is still working out and staying in shape like crazy, and the Celtics organization is only making a pretense of saying he is injured to save him for the postseason. Shaq is fine, I would’ve done the same thing. Why would they need to overexert him for these winnable games.

  • Really on the fence here. On the one hand, weve been here before with our club. They know how to spin an injury and string us along.
    On the Other Hand, if I were Doc and Danny, its still all about the postseason. I would be tempted to hold him out until the last week of March if I though we could get wins without him.
    The fact of the matter is, they arent going to hold him out without a concrete reason (injury) so this is still a wait and see thing for me.
    Yet the shadows do grow……

  • Only if those 2 rds don't involve Dwight Howardm

  • Agreed.
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