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Open practice shows Celtics communicating on defense


Trags posted some great video showing the Celtics' first unit taking on the backups. A few takeaways:

  • The communication of the 1st unit on D seemed clear — thanks to the acoustics of the gym, you can't exactly hear what they're saying, but they're telling each other where they are. At least to me, they seemed more talkative than the 2nd unit.
  • Jeff was cheating a little too much on D against Paul…had this not been practice and Pierce had been playing at more than about 30% effort, he gets an easy dunk. Of course, that's not the point of this.
  • Rondo, ever the individual: the only guy in black, and with bright red shoes.
  • Something tells me the Rondo drive/kick to Nenad for a 15-footer will be something we see a fair share of.
  • Even in practice, they know that if they move and pass enough, they eventually find Ray for a three.

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  • excuse me for being modest, but if doc hasn’t already said it, these guy’s need time to buy into the system. i think they will and this will be a faster, more mobile team. another oneal would be nice..

  • Lex

    Good stuff
    murphy’s had that sort of “I’m out for a jog look” in his first couple of games.
    You can see him starting to take things a little more seriously