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Celtics sign PG Carlos Arroyo


The Boston Globe’s Celtics blog reports that the C’s have inked Carlos Arroyo. Arroyo is a 12-year vet who last played for the Miami Heat. He has career averages of 6 points and 3 assists per game.

Many felt with Delonte West banged-up, Bradley still green (pun intended) and Rondo logging alot of minutes, going into the postseason without another (true) point guard would be foolish. I personally think this is a very smart move. Arroyo is a solid backup, and has a decent amount of postseason experience. He was a member of the 2004-05 Pistons that were beat by the Spurs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

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  • I am sure Danny wanted Bibby over Arroyo but Bibby picked Miami.

  • Hopefully he gets 22 DNP-CD’s.

  • I guess I’ll stop hating the guy for now.Hopefully he doesnt make the playoff roster.

  • What do you mean, doesn’t make the playoff roster? The playoff roster is the same size as the regular season roster, 15.

  • Actually, does it go down to 12 for the playoffs?!?!

  • I think this link covers that question:

  • Signing a guy who clearly must resent the Heat and knows their playbook. Nice work DA. 🙂

  • Lex

    it’s official

  • It’s 12 you can dress.

  • Playoffs or regular season I meant to say, it’s 12.

  • So you go from saying that you hope they don’t sign Carlos Arroyo in another article to saying it is a very smart move in this article?

  • If you think this is a smart move about a “solid player”, so why were you hoping Arroyo not coming in Boston in a previous post?

  • Nobody likes Arroyo, but he will fill a need. Keeping Rondo’s minutes more manageable until the playoffs and when Delonte gets back. We were all hoping for something better, but this was probably the best option at this time.

  • i think it was two different posters that posted each of these articles…

  • Yeah, I’m the one that said please don’t let it be Arroyo. I gotta get over that, though. He’s not our starting PG… he’s a 3rd string guy who, if everyone is healthy, won’t see any time in the playoffs.

  • I’m the one who said “please not Arroyo”. KWAPT is entitled to his opinion.

  • Ok.
    Of course I’m not an Arroyo’s fan as well but, as you guys pointed out, he’ll hopefully be of some help sometimes.
    Go C’s!