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Sasha Pavlovic is here. Deal with it.


Now I know alot of folks were not too thrilled in hearing the name Sasha Pavlovic and Boston Celtics in the same sentence. But hey, he's healthy, he can play defense and he'll hit some baskets. Other than that, he's simply a body on the bench. He's not going to get a whole lot of minutes, but he'll be able to spell guys like Paul and Ray when needed.

We were talking about this tonight with Paul Flannery on "Two Man Game". The Celtics core of talented players and coaching staff is so good that the guys brought in around them just have to know their roles. As long as each player does what they are brought in to do, it's all good. And when you have great teachers and motivators like Doc, KG, Ray etc around, it's that much simpler. As Doc puts it, "No hero basketball."

The one thing I really like about Sasha is that he's going to be himself. He's got nothing to prove, he's played in big playoff games, and.. he's gonna go hard. This nice hustle block on Bassy is a perfect example. Dude likes to ball, and when he's out there, he'll give it all he's got. Can't ask for much more from a 12th man. Now we just need to grab another point guard. But that's another post….

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  • I heard that Lester Hudson and Greg Pruitt are still available 🙂
    Even someone named Walker Russell Jr
    Seriously, who is out there? Whose spot does he take? CJ?

  • everyone knows the clear answer is Dan Dickau. This was mainly posted so you would put up a picture of his hot wife!!!

  • Deal with it? This barely registered my attention…

  • He played hard in the playoffs, which is what we need from him right?

  • Lex

    Healthy … and young.
    Role players who still have legs
    a definite bonus

  • Perk is yet to play in OKC and now Robinson out 4-6 weeks after knee surgery (!). This is unexpected. Let’s revisit the roster change. Perk (2-3 weeks)/Nate Rob (4-6 weeks)/Quis(Done for season)/Semih(known nagging injuries)/Gody for Green/Krstic/Murphy/Pav/Player-to-be-named-later/Clippers 1st rounder/2 2nd rounders. One third of the roster was rolled over for much needed healthy players who in turn will allow more time for it’s other injured players to fully recover. Knock on wood Red’s Army we may finally have a healthy roster come April…