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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #11: “Suitcoat Santa”


At first glance, Carl L. looks like a mild-mannered, well-dressed gentleman at a Boston Celtics game. But then it happens- "Welcome to the Jungle" blares throughout the TD Garden, the fans get riled-up and Carl turns into "Suitcoat Santa."

As the players get ready for tip-off, the Garden Jumbotron asks the crowd for "NOISE!" The cameraman pans the audience for crazed fans, then zooms in on Sportcoat and he does his signature chest pump.23269_113447032032919_5536_n

 I had the chance to meet Carl and his wife at the Celtics-Mavs game a few weeks back. Carl told me a little bit about himself-he is a teacher and Celtics season-ticket holder that lives outside of Massachusetts. He is accompanied at games generally by his wife, or sometimes his daughter. He absolutely loves that the fans have embraced him and how his chest and fist-pumping antics get them in a frenzy. He was very friendly and down-to-earth as are most Celtics fans that I meet.

When I asked him what his favorite moment was as a Celtics fan at the Garden, he told me it was when 2 fans actually showed-up dressed as him for a Halloween game. The Celtics organization personally thanked him one year as part of their "Thank you fans" video.

Due to Carl's busy life as a teacher and Celtics season-ticket holder/Superfan, we haven't been able to connect yet for a full interview. But you can catch him at any Celtics homegame, and he'll be happy to say hi & pose for a pic. Once we have time, I'll post more on Carl aka Suitcoat Santa right here on Red''s FanFriday. Until then, thanks for reading, and GO CELTICS!

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  • Hey, didn’t he play mandolin for The Dubliners???

  • This guy is the man. The night the Celtics won the title in 2008, my wife and I found ourselves next to him on the T after the game. I recognized him instantly from the jumbotron. Unsure what to say, I just said “how about that Tony Allen alley-oop?!”. He said “just amazing. when they’re up big and just having fun like that, it’s like watching a beautiful ballet.” Then he stood up on the back of his T seat and led a “let’s go Celtics” chant.

  • Hell yeah Carl! I love seeing him at the games.