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Ok… so maybe we owe Danny an apology

Nate robinson flapping

Nate Robinson was terrible this year.  Just flat out awful.  And it turns out he might have had a bit of an excuse.  He's been hurt.

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Nate Robinson underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his right knee the team announced today. 

The 5-9 guard first experienced discomfort in the knee following the team’s practice on Monday. After deliberation, Robinson and the team made the decision to proactively address the situation. 

So lets' review:


  • Nate Robinson: Injured            
  • Kendrick Perkins: Injured
  • Semih Erden: Injured
  • Luke Harangody: Healthy


  • Jeff Green: Healthy
  • Troy Murphy: Healthy
  • Sasha Pavlovic : Healthy
  • Nenad Krstic: Healthy

Three injured players out.  Four healthy players in.  That's one way to solve our health problem around here… ship out all the broken parts for not-broken ones.  

So… ummm…. Danny.  I'm uhhhh…. sorry for suggesting Chris Wallace still had the keys to the office.


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  • Harangody did something to his hip, i don’t think he’s healthy either.

  • The Happy Gilmore scene was a very nice touch to this article. I lol’d!

  • Yes, I admit it. I’m a dick for thinking Danny had lost his mind. Think John had a good idea that the doubters should buy Danny a hell of a steak dinner.

  • Never doubted Danny for a moment. Loved trade from the start, though I must admit I didn’t know how good Kris was. Celt fans are so loyal they some times over value players (Perk). Easy to do when they’re also great guys and competitors. The big three and Rondo can make a lot of players better. Jeff Green is a keeper- hope we can afford him? Isn’t it great to have someone who can get out ahead if Rondo on the break?
    In Danny I trust
    (best Celtic GM other than Red)
    Im now on Twitter as Celticsbanner
    PS we still need a healthy Shaq and Delonte to win it all

  • Don’t forget – ‘Quis = injured!

  • Where are you Excuse? Still on Danny’s back for trading away all these injured players?? Kinda hard to win now if the whole team is in the infirmary…So man up and say you were wrong about DA on this one…

  • In Ainge I trust, win or lose.