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Austin Rivers: “I want to destroy LeBron”

Austin rivers

Doc's son Austin is one of.. if not the… top High School ballers in America.  To be one of the top ballers, you gotta have the skills, and the attitude.  You know.. the kind of attitude that makes guys say this.

“Well, I’ve met Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen—you name it. A lot of people ask me who I’ve met through my dad, and they’re in awe when they hear the names of the players, but I’ve never looked at it like that. It’s cool meeting all of them, but I really want to be in their situation one day. I don’t want to just meet LeBron, I want to destroy him on the court one day.”

Gotta love that kid… even though he's going to Duke. 

Can't all be perfect, I guess.

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  • What do you suppose the chances might be that the first rounder we got from LAC turns into Austin Rivers next year? A starting five that included Rondo, Rivers, Green, and the newly signed Dwight Howard. Just need to figure out a PF and that’s a hell of a team.

  • An hour or so ago he tweeted “AustinRivers25 Lol why is everybody saying I said I would destroy lbj! That’s not what I said, I said that’s my mind set, like I’m not scared of anybody!” “AustinRivers25 Lbj is arguably if not the bet player in the world! I was Just saying that to be good, u have to have a killer instinct! U can’t be scared.”

  • Hey, we’re just pulling the quotes. I know how he meant it… and he knows what he said.