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Your Morning Dump… Where the Suns coaches embarrassed themselves

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"I had seen how heated it was," Green said. "I was talking to [Garnett] before the game and [the Celtics] were ready for this game. That's why they came out so intense in the first couple minutes."

Pressed on the hailstorm of criticism he received from Phoenix (and beyond) for a low-blow on Frye, Garnett sounded off a bit on the Suns.

"I don't really care [about what Phoenix said], but don't make stuff up, especially when it's not true," Garnett said. "I'm far from dirty. I play the game really hard, I play with my heart, and I'm never going to make excuses about that. So who cares what they're talking about?"

"Oh, Alvin Gentry was asking me for tickets for the first round of the playoffs and I told him I'd hook him up," Garnett said.

Asked if it was uncommon to hear an opposing coach barking at a player, Garnett nodded and said, "Very uncommon, but they're an uncommon team."

"I think all our guys were [motivated]," Rivers said. "That's what the explosion early was about. And the tech at the end of the game, I thought that was not a great tech, in my opinion. I thought [the Phoenix] bench, their coaches were talking, which I don't think you should ever do if you have a suit and tie on and actually can't play. I don't think you should be doing a lot of talking to the players on the floor. It's just my opinion."

ESPN Boston – Garnett's fire burns Suns

If you read our game preview, you knew this was coming. KG was pissed off and Channing Frye was in his crosshairs.

What we didn't expect was the trash-talking and passive-aggressive coaching by Alvin Gentry and the Suns assistants. We're down 13 with 49 seconds left? I know how to get revenge. Timeout!!! Isn't this akin to your dad fighting your battles? The Phoenix players are so soft and so timid, they can't even do their own trash-talking.

Because of their reputation, the Celtics will be blamed for the flare-ups in this game. The national blowhards will focus on Rondo and that meaningless three-pointer he launched in the face of the Suns yapping coaching staff.

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On Page 2, Glen Davis is not concerned about his injury.

Glen Davis, who suffered a sprained patella tendon in his left knee while going up for a dunk with 49 seconds left in the Celtics [team stats]’ 115-103 over the Phoenix Suns last night, will have an MRI taken this morning to determine the severity of the injury.

Davis, who had to be helped to the locker room after easing himself to the floor, is expected to miss tomorrow night’s game against the Golden State Warriors, though he doesn’t expect to miss much more time.

“It just hurt real bad,” Davis said. “It’s been bothering me all year. I’ll get the MRI and we’ll go from there. But I can’t tell how this is going to be. It hurt on the way up.

“My knee hurts. But I’m not concerned. I’ll be OK.”

Herald – Hurt knee KOs Davis

I'm relieved to hear that Davis is not concerned, but I know what I saw. I bet that he'll miss a week or so.

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  • welcome to the world of jumpers knee, Big Baby.
    The good thing is that it’s probably the most common and easily treated knee issue in a basketball player. He’ll miss a very short amount of and he’ll probably start wearing one of those knee straps and guzzling ibuprofen… but it’s not a big deal.
    Thank god…. I thought it was much worse

  • Glad to hear it’s not a serious injury. Whenever I think I can take a deep breath someone goes down and it’s always who I least expect, when I least expect it. Glad baby will be back soon.

  • I was pretty surprised that Nash wasn’t tossed when the camera caught him repeatedly screaming, “Fuck you, bitch!” to the referees.
    As far as coaches engaging in trash talking with players, at least Alvin can look forward to going back west and patting Kobe on the ass some more.

  • The Suns are having a terrible season and it is getting to Nash. There were questionable calls in both directions so a clean game it wasn’t.
    The timeout by Gentry and the three pointer by Rondo were both punk moves. Just play the game.

  • Frye got dominated and humiliated. Vince Carter walked off the court like he was shot. Gentry showed just how classless and unprofessional he is.
    All in all, a good night. Phx looks ready for their 1st round exit.

  • Can Sasha Pavlovic play PG in a pinch? 😉

  • If they even get there, lol

  • I don’t know if I want Pav playing basketball in a pinch….