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The Two Man Game at 9 with Paul Flannery

The Two Man Game returns with WEEI's Paul Flannery joining the show (…. and maybe a surprise guest.  Maybe.)  As an added bonus, Chuck's busy so you won't be subjected to him tonight.  Instead, I'll be joined by KWAPT and MrTrpleDouble10. 

The Phone Number to join us is (724) 444-7444.  You can click play on the widget below or click the link.  As an added bonus, if you follow the link, we've got a chat room that you can take part in.

See you at 9

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  • Lex

    C’s interested?
    Avery Bradley can’t be the answer to the question, who is backing up rondo when DW goes down.

  • I do not want Arroyo

  • Lex

    I respect that
    gotta respect the army
    my question is are the Cs interested, or, in the alternative, what is plan b, given that the goal is experience, and Avery is lacking in that dept.
    You might argue that rondo will play 41 minutes per game in the playoffs
    I still think we need a third stringer with some experience

  • I hear ya… I think filling the last slot with a PG would be a good idea. I guess we’ll have to see what’s available.

  • If we finish the season in first place I think doc deserves some serious consideration for coach of the year

  • Right, and now our ‘third string’ PG is more like a 2a/2b unfortunately until West can string together some games.