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Paul Pierce adds Channing Frye to his body count


I'm not gonna pretend Paul Pierce is on a Blake Griffin-esque run of putting people on posters… but he's dunked on a few people this year.  Channing Frye is just the latest. 

Derek Favors knows


And of course there was the 2-for-1 in Toronto


I'm just sayin… don't sleep on our boy Pierce.  He WILL still catch you with one if you do.  As for catching Frye… the Truth told the truth to the Globe:

“I wanted Kevin to dunk on him in the first half, but he kept laying it up,’’ Pierce joked

Eat it, Frye

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  • Frye should crawl under a rock today. His manhood was cut off last night.

  • NBA Welfare: Refs doling out warrantless technical fouls against the Cs to give opponents a fighting chance.
    It’s like handicapping horses adding weight to the saddle.
    Ref should get fined for that terrible call.

  • watching the game last night on the suns announcers were hell bent the crowd was “rubbing the 3rd quarter blow-out”. like its our fault your team sucks

  • we should have kept scallie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IM just pissed NBA tv didn’t play the Cs game yeserday so I could watch out here in Cali. Instead I had to watch the “New Look” Knicks against the who gives a shit Hornets. What a boring game. I wanted to see Garnett embarass Pheonix. Also, I wanted to see Troy Murphy get humbled,(his ego must be giant after getting the chance to choose between two elite teams even though he is a mediocre player at best). Also, is anyone else sick of hearing “New Look” and “Big Three?” There is only one team that can have a Big Three,because the Celtics created the term- Mchale, Bird, and Parish. Now the friggen Knicks, Heat, Magic, Thunder, Lakers, etc, have Big Threes. Sports analysts can be worse than reporters for fox news sometimes with thier bullshit.

  • i too am sooo OVER hearing those two phrases. it should be played out after a week shouldnt it? i wonder if they are contractually obligated to use those terms, lol….

  • I don’t think the Channing Frye or Derrick Favors dunks could be considered “dunking on” them. He kinda just dunked next to them, because even though they were trying to play defense, they were behind him. 🙂