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KG’s Blog: Team got into some disagreements

KG's blogging again… and the latest entry was filed just before the Phoenix game.  Here's the blog:

It's been a crazy week. People don't really think about the emotions, the connections you make in this game and the friends you make on the way in this journey when you're in the league.  Perk is gone and it's setting in.  It's been difficult at times, to be honest!  Now that I got that out of the way.  The new guys are going to help us.  JGreen is versitile and can really help us with depth.  "Kris" is more active then I remember and has been finishing around the hoop.  When we give them more info about our system, we'll do better.

Dwest didn't play last night because he sprained his ankle, while doing "dummy offense".  CRAZY!  What a tough season so far for Dwest. 

Going into Utah, we hadn't gotten a win there in a minute.  (6 years)  THe game was intense, but we prevailed.  The team got into some disagreements, but it was good how we handled them.  We got things off our chest and then executed.  The tricky thing about Utah is that it's almost like Denver, but not as high.  Also, the fans are super close to the court and it gets loud in there. 

On the flight back home, we found out that we acquired Troy Murphy and I'm excited to play with him.  I think he can really help us and will be a great addition.  Phoenix on Wed, so need to get some rest. 

The disagreements thing is interesting.  I wonder if there was anything involving Glen Davis, since he looked like he was barely there.  

I want to see what his blog would have been if he wrote it AFTER last night's game. 

Here's the link to the full blog

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  • Disagreement was maybe it was Shrek and Donkey for the Jgreen and Kristic. Team wanted to get rid of Baby and Keep Perk!! Ainge likes Baby better!! Thats what the disagreement. Well atleast in my eyes!!