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Enemy Chatter: Jared Dudley is a hero

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Phoenix.

The Boston Celtics are widely known around the NBA as the baddest team in the land, and the Phoenix Suns stared them right in the eye without flinching Wednesday night in the TD Garden.

They did so both on the scoreboard, where they brought a 29-point second-half lead all the way down to eight without a starter on the floor before falling 115-103, and they did so by physically fighting back against a Celtics squad that wanted revenge following the overblown aftereffects of the teams’ meeting in Phoenix a month ago.

That emotion spilled over in the final seconds as Kevin Garnett earned a technical with 16 seconds left for jawing at the Suns bench and then Rajon Rondo shot a three-pointer at the buzzer in a game long decided.

But Jared Dudley wouldn’t stand for that, so he fouled Rondo good and hard by the Suns’ bench to let him know how he felt about running up the score.

“I just did what I was taught since playing this game,” Dudley tweeted.

Valley of the Suns

Dudley is a real tough guy… hammering a point guard whom he stands 6 inches taller and outweighs by 40+ pounds. I knew this was coming from Phoenix bloggers. The whole "we stood up to the Celtics" proclamation.

No mention of Gentry's antics; the yapping, the decision to keep fouling and calling of timeouts with the game out of reach. Nor was there acknowledgement of Nash's foul mouthed tirade.

There's also a lot of talk about the Suns reserves leading the comeback. That's true. But it's only fair to point out they did so against a patchwork Celtics bench. Avery Bradley, Von Wafer, Troy Murphy, Jeff Green and Glen Davis. I'm not sure that unit has ever played together. And Bradly and Wafer are 3rd teamers.

On Page 2, Kevin Garnett is vindictive.

Garnett is so vindictive that he builds a "nobodies" list of unworthy opponents he won't acknowledge with comments. But he was not ignoring what Gentry had said. Whether it was Frye's defense or the Suns' problems switching or helping on the interior, Garnett made his first seven shots of the game as Boston rolled to a 20-point halftime lead, with 36 of their 62 first-half points coming in the paint. Boston had 13 dunks or layups in the first half, and the Celtics led by as much as 29 when Garnett looked like he would be retiring early, especially with Channing Frye (bruised eye) and Vince Carter (cut mouth) going out after a collision.

AZ Central

Yup, that's KG in a nutshell.

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  • I watched the game on League Pass and they had the Suns broadcasters just ripping into the Celtics. Scott Williams thought KG raising up his shorts and clapping at Nash was “classless” & then Tom Leander brings up Krstic throwing a chair just to show how the Celtics are a bunch of thugs..haha…I know Mike & Tommy might not be the most objective but literally finding things to hate about the opposing team while YOUR team is being blown out is plain “classless”…freakin ridiculous!

  • Like yourself, I was in the unfortunate position of having to watch the game on LP as well. Those announcers were absolutely pathetic. Constantly harping on the C’s for nothing. Yes, we are tough. Yes, we will lay waste to your squad. Yes, we will call you out for acting like a bunch of spineless p*ssies.
    Its just sad. These lame idiots want to turn the game into some pansy ass beauty pageant.

  • i watched it online and also had the suns broadcasters and like the two above me they were just AWFUL!! what they said at the end about really taking it to rondo if he decided to drive to the hoop was just beyond ridiculous. the suns team was just pissed that they were getting their ass beat and got frustrated with the celtics.

  • I’m guessing they haven’t had enough season ticket holders renew their tickets for next season so they gotta make Dudley and Brooks seem like out-of-this-world players that you just gotta, absolutely, MUST see live.

  • Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Just pathetic. Theres tough play (Celtics) then theres playing like a bunch of bitters who cant take a beat down and should lash out with violence to compensate for pathetic performances.

  • I think its really double standard-ish of us to criticise Dudley for this.
    What was wrong with it?
    Rondo was being an ass in doing it, if a Celtic did that to one of the Suns in a reverse situation we would have said exactly the same.
    It’s nothing to do with size either, I’m sure he (or anyone) would have done it to Nenad if he put up an asshole shot like that too.
    It’s important to stay as fans making educated judgements and not slide into the blatent homer section of the fanbase. Sure if Rondo was hurt we could complain then, but otherwise it was a standard move for a guy being a bit of an ass, nothing more…

  • I agree with what you’re saying. You gotta have class. But, Pietrus was jacking up threes when the game was long gone out of hand. The Suns didn’t walk up the ball the last few possessions. The were looking to score. I guess Rondo figured he’d do the same.
    As for how he acted…i think he’s taken a page from KG’s book…if you’re gonna thoroughly defeat someone, you’re gonna get in their head to do it…case in point…him sticking his head in the Miami Heat huddle a few weeks back…or guarding LeBron for stretches by really getting in his grill…it’s being an ass in many ways…but also mentally messing with your opponent ( another e.g. being KG making Al jefferson walk after they’d just traded trash talk in the Minnesota game)…

  • No celtic would have hard fouled him on the last play. KG would have jumped up and rejected the meaningless shot AT THE RIM.
    What Dudley did wasn’t righteous. It was jealous frustration. He’s probably still pissed that Phoenix wouldn’t Trade him or buy out his contract to go play with a winning team. Phoenix is done. They are the Cleveland Cavaliers of the Western Conference now.

  • Rondo chucking the three up looked like a bush league move, but upon further review, I think it was retaliation for:
    1) KG getting T’d up for responding to Gentry’s trash talk. Especially since Nash was given free reign to tell the refs to eff themselves repeatedly.
    2) The Celtics had the ball with 35 seconds left in the game, Paul let the clock run out and took the shot clock violation. The Suns then took the ball with about 10 seconds left and ran it up the court to score one last time, down double digits, when the Celtics had just elected to show some mercy up the other end of the court.
    The Suns aren’t even on the same level as the Celtics but for some reason think they are. They dished it, they should be able to take it in return.

  • This game should have been a sleeper, and we should be talking about how the ‘silent killers’ and silent assassins took care of the Suns on their way to another blowout home W. Instead, a team that deserves no mention right now in PHX gets headline news because of bogus antics. (Tommy’s proclamation that the T in the 4th was BOOOOGUSSS was hilarious, I now feel compelled to use the term more often)
    Yes, they aren’t robots and emotions run. But at the same time PHX would look awfully stupid if today’s news was Nash’s tirade rather than Rondo’s foul and the C’s were simply taking care of business at home.

  • And I’m sure they’re going to take it down, so I’ll re-post my ValleyoftheSuns.com comments here:
    You’re all talking about the Celtics being “classless” and “jerks”, yet ignoring Steve Nash’s 8 (that’s right – he said FUCK 8 times on national TV) F-bomb laden tirade at the ref, all because he got posterized on D (like he always does). Had any of the Celtics players spewed out that much vitriol at the refs, they would have received double techs, gotten ejected, and then fined $15k the next day by Stern.
    But that would happen because the Celtics are a model NBA franchise, from the Ownership on down to the ball boys. Whereas the Suns are now relegated to being also-rans. The Cleveland Cavaliers of the Western conference. That ship has sailed, Stevie Gollum. You should have retired with your dignity intact to go run for Mayor of East Eskimotaint, CA. before the season started.
    As for Dudley – there’s really only one way to describe his “bravery” in hard fouling a point guard he has 6 inches and 40 lbs on with .4 seconds left in a game that was clearly over – jealousy. He must be PISSED they didn’t trade him to a winner. Sixth man on a losing squad. That’s like being the husband of a woman who does Bukkake videos for a living.

  • Fucking Classic!
    “That’s like being the husband of a woman who does Bukkake videos for a living.”
    That ones going in the vault.

  • Um Big Al is with Utah now…LOL.

  • Good luck with those super pussies Frye and Carter Phx. I’m sure you’ll be winning a title soon….or more likely sell your draft picks cuz your owner is cheap.