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Doc on WEEI: “We don’t think Big Baby’s knee injury is that bad”

Jay March 3, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Doc on WEEI: “We don’t think Big Baby’s knee injury is that bad”

Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers made his weekly radio appearance on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan morning show.  After watching his team basically obliterate the Phoenix Suns out of the gate, Doc touched on a few topics.  Among them was the status of Glen Davis' knee after what appeared to be a harmless two-handed dunk in the final minute of the game.

Doc on Big Baby: "We don;t know yet, doing an MRI this morning… we don't think it's that bad but we'll find out"

Doc was also asked about Shaq's health and when we could expect to see The Diesel back on the court: "Shaq has started running a bit and he should be back next week."

Clearly one of the biggest topics of the season was the surprising trade of Kendrick Perkins to the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Doc has a few interesting things to say about that, including how a few players knew about the deal before it happened, and if they think it makes them a better team:

"I think they do…I think our guys knew that from the beginning. Listen, everyone was upset. But we talked to our players, at least three or four of them, before we made that deal. And they all thought it was a good move, but they all knew it would hurt if we did it. And it did."

 Among the other points Doc made:

  • Feels that Jeff Green could be an all-star type player someday
  • Derrick Rose is his pick for MVP
  • Said he texted Perk yesterday (after he signed his extension) and asked him for a loan
  • Thinks Big Baby's knee injury is nothing more than tendinitis, since he's been dealing with it all season
  • Still felt ok with Rondo taking a three at the end, since a lot of "stuff" going on and at times it's good to "let the kids be competitive"

To hear the full audio, jump HEREto WEEI's audio on demand page.  I tend to agree with Doc in this instance regarding Rondo.  The possession prior to that, Paul Pierce respectfully dribbled out a 24 second shot-clock violation, most likely anticipating that the Suns would do the same.  Perhaps they would have if KG didn't get T'd up for what seemed like jawing with Alvin Gentry (it turns out that KG was simply offering him playoff tickets, probably at a discount).

Instead, they chose to run a play and try to score.  There's nothing wrong with that at all, if your goal was to just make the score look a little easier on the eyes, padding stats, or adding fuel to a game that was lit with kerosene from the onset.  Rondo decided to return the a-hole favor by jacking up a three right in front of the bench, only to be intentionally fouled by Jared Dudley.

Things can get chippy in a given game for sure, especially after what happened the first time around in Phoenix.  Chalk it up to some senseless madness that uber-competitive guys will have once in a while.


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