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Big Baby Injury Update: Out 3-7 Days

Well the C's dodged a huge bullet and another major injury to another one of their "bigs."  Multiple sources have been tweet-reporting from Celtics practice today that Glen Davis will only be out 3-7 days (per Doc Rivers).  Here is one tweet via ESPNBoston's Chris Forsberg:!/ESPNForsberg/status/43401722705620992

Twitter / Chris Forsberg: Baby out for about a week … via kwout

 The piece about Ray Allen refers to his absence in practice, which was due to nothing but a day off.  Boston Herald beat writer Dan Duggan also reported on the status of Delonte West, which judging by both time tables, could be back along with Big Baby for Wednesday's game at home, against the LA Clippers:!/DDuggan21/status/43401938980700161

Twitter / Dan Duggan: Delonte will be out Friday … via kwout

Dan also reported (through Doc) that Shaq has looked good, but he's not quite ready.  This has almost reached a semi-joking level since Shaq's been "close" since he's been out (he last played February 1st).!/DDuggan21/status/43402093406601216

Twitter / Dan Duggan: Shaq went through skeleton … via kwout


The health of this team is paramount heading into the playoffs.  These guys all need to take as much time they need getting healthy for April, May and June, even if they have to sacrifice some games throughout the regular season.

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  • Finally some good news. Been on pins and needles since Baby went down.
    Now if someone would just kick-start JO. Brandon Roy is bone-on-bone too and he’s out there kicking ass.

  • This could be just (get ready for corny in 3..2..1) what the doctor ordered for Baby. By NO means do I want to see any of our guys hurt, but Baby being stopped dead in his tracks right now may be just what he needs. Even if it was because of pain in his knee that he’s been struggling, some time to think and evaluate his latest struggles is perfect for him right now. I believe everything happens for a reason, and this is a reality-check for Baby. Whether it’s that he needs to workout more, take better care of his body, get refocused, whatever-he needs a break to figure out why he’s struggling. Let’s hope he figures it out soon, because we all know this guy is a huge asset to our team when he’s on.