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Your Morning Dump… Where The old guys are warming up to the new guys

Ray congratulates green
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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I’m happy,” Allen said. “I’m great. We know we can get better. There’s some things we need to do with the young guys and the new guys. But I’m excited because there’s no complacency. It’s not like we’re here peaking. We know we’re not as good as we should be, and we’re going to get better.

“I don’t envy Doc (Rivers), but at the same time I do because he’s got a lot to figure out with how to make these pieces move. But we’ve got some great pieces to work with.”

Even Kevin Garnett was able to take a detour from his sentimental journey to see the realities and the possibilities.

“Jeff is probably one of the most versatile guys I’ve been around,” said Garnett. “It just looks like he does things effortlessly. He just makes it look simple. I can’t really put him into words right now. I’m glad he’s an addition to our team.

“I’ve got my own personal feelings about Perk because he’s my brother, but I’m embracing this new relationship with Jeff and Kris. Kris is very versatile. I didn’t know he was that good of an offensive rebounder. He’s very active. I’ve just got to learn the small things about them, about what they like to do.

“I’m pretty sure we’re going to be OK with those guys. They’re fitting right in. So far, so good.”

Herald: Celtics warming to newcomers

So after the initial shock of losing a close friend to a trade, the C's veterans have embraced the new players and are focusing on integrating them and moving forward.

Done and done.  One week to run through the 7 stages of trade grief and we're done.  Moving on.  I think a couple of games have shown the guys that Krstic and Green can fit in here and play well.  And that's the easiest way for guys to get over the loss of a teammate.  

This isn't about putting a Krstic shaped peg into a Perkins shaped hole (wow, that sounds a lot dirtier than intended).  It's time to face facts: The Celtics are going to play a little differently with Nenad & Green out there (and now Troy Murphy).  When you add new players, it adds new dimensions both offensively and defensively… and both positively and negatively. 

The C's are seeing the positives and they'll deal with the negatives.  Because really, they've got no choice.

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On Page 2: Why the Murphy signing works, even if it doesn't work out

After spending much of their offseason beefing up their frontcourt to prevent such a reoccurrence, the Celtics likely had that image in mind while wooing Troy Murphy to Boston after the nine-year veteran secured a buyout from the Golden State Warriors this past weekend. The fact that it also prevented a chief rival from adding depth to its own paper-thin frontcourt only sweetened the deal. 

The Celtics performed the textbook low-risk, high-reward addition by getting Murphy to agree to sign with Boston when he clears waivers Wednesday. The Green add a 6-foot-11 power forward who can stretch the floor with his perimeter shooting abilities and has been a rebound vacuum in past seasons. 

Whether Murphy can rekindle that magic remains to be seen. If he can be anything close to the player he was for the Indiana Pacers during the 2008-09 season (45 percent shooter from 3-point land; tops in the league in defensive rebound percentage), then Boston just pulled off a heist by inking Murphy at the prorated veteran's minimum. 

ESPN Boston: Celtics play keep away with Murphy

Miami needed Troy Murphy more than we did, honestly.  So I'm right with Forsberg on this one.  He probably could have gotten more time and more of a chance to re-establish himself in Miami. 

But could a kid named Murphy ever pass up the chance to play in Boston?  $5 says he immediately becomes the most popular jersey sold within the city limits.  I'll bet you won't be able to walk into a bar in Southie this weekend without seeing a dozen of them.   

Maybe that was the difference.  Maybe watching Scal get all the love around here and knowing that these fans will just embrace him immediately… while watching the Heat and Knicks play in front of a half-empty arena despite five All Stars starting the game, was enough to sway him.  Who knows?  But he didn't go there, and that helps as much as anything.

In the mean time, it would be nice to see him grab a few boards and nail a shot or two.  Anything to get KG some extra minutes on the bench to rest up for the playoffs.  

And I'll end by saying this about the trade: Krstic is an upgrade over Semih.  Green is an upgrade over Marquis (if for nothing else because he can play).  And now Murphy is an upgrade over Harangody.  You can argue that Delonte's return makes him an upgrade over Nate… although Nate's departure, as much as I love his attitude and enthusiasm, is an upgrade unto itself.  If Shaq can come in and equal Perk… then I fail to see the downside to this trade.  If you've significantly upgraded three positions while making room for two other players to assume roles they've proven they can fill (provided they are healthy), AND added a first round pick from the Clippers, then that's a win (sorry, Charlie Sheen).  Add maybe Corey Brewer and remove the emotional attachment, and there's little to argue about, really.

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  • With the recent roster moves there are plenty of IF’s to be answered. Some of the new players are upgrades and some are downgrades. The biggest question is at the center position. I have a feeling that Shaq will be unable to provide much but that is just my opinion.
    The one move that I applaud is keeping Murphy away from Miami. I don’t like the Celtics very much but I like the Heat even less.

  • The Kübler-Ross model, commonly known as the five stages of grief, but i would love to read about the Karalis-McKenney 7 stages of trade grief sometime

  • Great article.
      If C’s can play like he did first 30 games, on paper we’re better now, and in better shape moving forward.  Impossible to predict the psychological effects of losing Perk. He was a big plug, clogging  the middle if the defense. Also impossible to know how much and how well, the new guys will learn and embrace Doc’s defense.  
         There is NO practice time the rest of the way.  The Celts have 2 days between games twice. Other than that, all games have only one game between or they are back to back. Not much time for new guys to learn Doc’s credo: play defense or don’t play.  They will play anyway out of necessity.  I don’t expect Shaq will play in second half of back to backs.
        Lawrence Frank will be a busy man, teaching defense to new players, who won’t get many(any?) days off for a while.  Who’s going to work with them on offense, out of bounds, end game situations? I don’t see KG, Shaq, PP, Ray, Rondo, Baby, practicing much on the single off days.
         With brutal schedule, veteran second unit is critical. Hopefully they can adopt to steep learning curve?  Is Murphy in shape? Maybe his signing will wake up JO and inspire him to play short minutes in pain.
    New on Twitter as Celticsbanner

  • Someone please kick this guy off the blog. I’m all for free speech, but c’mon, can’t we go facist just this once?

  • The young guys are so eager to play. It’ll be great during back2backs to see Jeff Green out there for 25 minutes and Paul or KG resting. Krstic is gonna need some relief soon though. Hopefully Shaq can come in and give at least 10-15 soon. Murphy can also spell both Nenad and KG.
    Von certainly isn’t going to mind extra minutes, not that Ray needs rest.
    Any thoughts about Carlos Arroyo? He’s far from ideal, but we could use some Delonte insurance.