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There’s only one thing I’m thinking about over the next two weeks

Delonte-west-1110-307 Chris Forsberg has all kinds of stuff he's interested in observing over the next two weeks for the Celtics:

How they'll look against the Suns after KG's antics in January.

Whether Mo Williams changes the Clippers' ability to stay with us.

How Deron and the new-look Nets will match up.

There's plenty more, and they're all legitimate (well, except for that Mo Williams point. Come on.). But there's only one that I'm really all that interested in, and it's not even about any of the new guys:

Friday, March 4 – Celtics vs. Warriors: These two clubs squared off last Tuesday in Oracle Arena, with the Celtics emerging with a 115-93 victory in Oakland — their first since 2003. Things will be a tad bit different this time around, though, as Green and Krstic are now in the mix for Boston. The Celtics were able to hold Monta Ellis to just 15 points, but the explosive guard can catch fire at any time. The Celtics could use the defense of Delonte West off the bench in this one, and sure enough, Friday is the current target date for West to return from a minor right ankle sprain. 

Now, I don't care about this particular game — how we match up with the Warriors is pretty close to irrelevant thinking about the playoffs.

But what does matter is this last point — how Delonte fits into this particular Celtics team.

I've felt for years now that Delonte's NBA destiny is the first guard off the bench for a great team. Tough as nails, shoots the three ball, big enough to guard 2-guards for a stretch, can handle the point — he's got it all. And off the bench, he can give maximum effort and not be relied on to be better than he actually is.

So over the next two weeks, I'm interested in how he settles into that role. Can he even stay healthy? If so, can he handle possibly being yanked around in the lineup — what about tight games where Rondo plays 44 minutes and Delonte only plays 8? Can he find a shooting rhythm? Can he be the versatile defender I picture?

I fascinated by what Delonte can bring to this team, and I think this stretch — with lots of new faces and roles being carved out — will show us a lot about how he fits into the rotation.

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